Thursday, February 26, 2009

dork on the green alert

0209famvar_  677
Francis Revisited, all blocked and ready to wear. The before shot, earlier this month.
yarn: Andy's Merino from Farmhouse Yarns
needles: size us 9 - and I had gauge, spot on gauge, in both stitch and row. Amazing.
notes: I've nothing against seaming yet there is something so thrillingly..what's the word..oh yeah, immediate, about a top down raglan. And that gigantic skein? There's a lot of it left. My mom admired the yarn,she has the leftovers to knit a kid's sweater for a fundraiser. I bet there'll still be a hat's worth afterwards. Now that's a skein.
0209famvar_  678
The cowl is my favorite part. Loving a cowl again? Who'd have thunk it? I pray the shoulder pad and high waisted jeans won't starting looking good to me again, too.

About that title.
0209famvar_  687 I ate lunch with my talented friend Edwina in the center of our town (on the green, in local parlance, it's all very New Englandy 'round here). She's a boffo fashion photographer and normally has easier material to work with. I asked her to help me show off FrancisR once we'd polished off our veggie burgers and mutual grousing about The Times We're In. Outside I froze (as you can tell by the handwear) and was acutely uncomfortable seeing as I was on display at noon for all to gawk at. Self-deprecation 'graph: even though the variegation isn't so flattering for the fluffy bodied, and my slumpy-I'm-embarassed-to-be-posing posture isn't showing the fit so well, you can see, I'm happy. I've worn it constantly, in fact, since that top photo.
It's a sweater so nice I'm knitting it twice. I just cast on in a solid, drapier yarn. The Shadow wing of NaKniSweMoDo abides!


Turtle said...

it looks great, love the marbled can you imagine if all skeins were that huge!!?? shoulder pads!

Cathy R said...

Congratulations on a lovely finished object!!! I think it is completely wonderful.

Am now wondering when in the world that I will have time to knit one for myself.

Yarn left over, even? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Great sweater. That yarn looks pretty sweet. I love the color. I might have to make myself one. This NaKniSweMoDo thing sounds awesome. Maybe I'll shoot for 12 sweaters this year.

Ellen Bloom said...

You certainly are crankin' out the sweaters, Gale! Nice work. Top-Downs are my fave to knit (and crochet). The burgundy blend colorway is terrific on you!

Next time, (as Mom would say) "stand up straight, young everyone what you've got!"

Jenn said...

It's beautiful! I have to admit I've been drawn to the cowl lately with the same trepidation!

Margene said...

Wow! It's a great look. Nice work. I want one!

Carole Knits said...

I think it looks great! And you are so not a dork.

the Lady said...

Yay, a happy sweater deserves to be shown off! What a cute one!

twinsetellen said...

The sweater is great. The picture is of someone with whom I'd like to have coffee. Nothing dorky about that.

(oh, except maybe I'm a dork, too?)

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I'm loving the cowl too.

Kay said...

Boffo sweater! Super look on you. srsly!