Sunday, January 11, 2009

pps & soon i'll move on

0109GZUCKERfamvar_  109
Finally finished socks of summer oh eight! Started in July (click if you are curious what the yarn looked like in a ball, who knew it would stripe so nicely?), knit slowly all summer, mostly on the beach sitting around with neighbors on Sundays.
0109GZUCKERfamvar_  1220109GZUCKERfamvar_  117
They were trying to have a lottery to decide sock ownership but no way was I planning to let these go. I knit socks sooo slowly, each pair is held dear. By the end of August they were just about done. I put them aside to save for the neighborhood New Years Eve bonfire. To wear, not to burn. (duh!). Finished Sunday, instead. No problem, we conveniently have 5 inches of fresh snow & ice, new socks gratefully placed on my happy feet.
0109GZUCKERfamvar_  101
yarn: Sock Hop from Dancing Leaf Farm
needles: size 2US
pattern: just your basic top down with a 3-1 rib
Wish I'd made taller cuffs, I was worried about the yardage and of course had a huge amount leftover. I know, that's the reason for toe up. Maybe the next pair! Wonderful yarn, by the way.
And, drumroll,bounce1 the nephew in the sizable Bounce. Yow, that stretched. Overlook the cheesy silouetting, please. My sister sent this jpeg with the background blending into the tam, and we can't have that. Definitely the biggest hat I ever knit that fit someone- his dreads are all at least as long as the one in front, and he's tucking them into the hat. I just might knit him another with a deeper but smaller (in circumference) brim and slightly less stretchy tam-ness. Maybe I'll use a bunch of mixed Noro leftovers, that'd be cool, wouldn't it?
Or not.


Turtle said...

very cool socks! great colorway as well. My daughters best friend does not have dreads but very thick ethnic hair. I made a hat when i was new to knitting and it would not fit any of us but she loved it!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

The "giganti-tam" looks fantastic. I think Noro leftovers would be waaaaay cool for another dreads-tam!

Those socks are really great-looking. I have knit 3 socks in my life. Yes, I have second sock syndrome. Argh. Have you heard of You wind up your sock yarn in a cake, send it to them and they use their 1920's sock machine to knit you up a perfect pair of socks!!! The best costs $13 + shipping! I'll never have second sock syndrome again!

kt said...

The Noro leftover resipe sounds delish. Sign me up for cleanup duty any time you need help getting rid of those, 'k?

Great Bounce!

Carole Knits said...

Love the socks - but really? They took that long? And Bounce looks awesome and I think it would look great in the Noro leftovers, too.

Mary Lou said...

Bounce and boy lookin good! And no matter what anyone says, I hate toe-up.

Cathy R said...

Love the socks! I remember when you started them.

You know, I used to know how to knit socks. Apparently I've forgotten because I've had to pull out the last two that I have started. Grrrr...

Love the tam, it looks great on your nephew!

the Lady said...

Nice socks! Toe-up rules! :-)

PICAdrienne said...

He looks like a guy not afraid of color. Noro leftovers would be great!

The socks are lovely, and I can completely understand taking time on the finishing of any project. :0

Cookie said...

Great hat! Yes, that would be totally cool.

Very nice, socks, too. I really want to knit you some socks now. You know that, right?


Anonymous said...

Iwas wondering how the yarn turned out! Thank you for posting and showing us. And just incase they ever need a new home or you get tired o them you can always send them my way:)

twinsetellen said...

The socks and the 'locks are fab.

Andrea Harris said...

Wow, I want that yarn!

Kay said...

Want my random Noro bits? Let me know.

If he ever changes hairstyles, a 'fro would puff out the hat nicely, no?

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