Thursday, July 17, 2008

saturday's forecast: spinning


Nope I haven't taken up a new sport or figured out how to sit still long enough to create yarn. But I'm always glad to see others plying around.

If you're a spinner within roving's throw of Vienna, VA this Saturday, you ought to stop by the Spinners Day Out organized by the folks at Uniquities, the LYS on Church Street. It's a two part day- I'm going to be there- at the store from 11-noon signing books, sort of a Shear Spirit, yarn store, pre-spin gathering. Then, at 1 pm I'll be at the community center, where a flock of spinners will be doing their twisty thing.
I'll be admiring and blabbing about photos and farms and yarn and fiber animals and signing books and having a good time. You don't need to be a spinner, either. Just come by & say hi. More info by calling Uniquities at (703) 242-0520.

There'll be more spin coming into my life further north on Saturday, while I'm down in the VA/DC area. We've had one of those months when almost everything with a motor gets uppity: one car, then the other car, then the washing machine decides that instead of spinning, it'll bonk around loudly, finishing with a spew of water into the increasingly dank basement . It'll be departing as a more efficient, bonkless new machine arrives. This spewer was the first washer we bought, twenty years ago, our first appliance purchase . and I remember feeling like it symbolized some sort of joining of the rooted, acquisitive class, it was an appliance. Weighted with larger meaning. Oh, please. Glad I got over myself .

Here in the present I've been avoiding laundry and opting to wear the second (or um, maybe third) string clothing choices for a couple of weeks, so
this is some spinning I can't wait to embrace.

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Karen S said...

Hmm, I already miss spinning...
Will send your washing maschine some spinning thoughts while my own takes a turn this afternoon.