Thursday, July 10, 2008

couvercle, part duh

I was ready to walk away from this pattern after my unhappy experience , when I received this in a comment from Kelly:
Yup, coo-VER-cluh. Forever in my brain after studying a thoroughly depressing Baudelaire poem in 10th grade which describes a sky as oppressive as a pot lid:
Quand la cielle base et lourde pese comme une couvercle....
Suddenly , the name was charming , the project endearing. The knitting of a new potlid was imperative! A speedy swing though a yarn store before leaving for Miami to get some Araucania Nature Cotton, had me realizing the difference from what I tried last time and this suggested yarn . And oh! the colors. The store had only the Patagonia line of handpainteds (it also comes solid dyed). All beautiful but one skein really spoke to me.0708GZUCKERfv_  0078
I love me some tertiary colors. That shade where the acid/mustardy yelllow hits the dark aqua blue and turns an odd mossy/olivey green ? Perfect.
Anyway, I didn't just like the colorway, it made me way happy to look at it. I could have just left it in a skein unknit and been happy. The next morning, on my flight to Florida I cast on and noticed something. My purse. That I carry all the time. 0708GZUCKERfv_  0080
Too funny! Here' another view
0708GZUCKERfv_  0082
and here's the yarn with the clothing I was wearing while knitting it on the plane
0708GZUCKERfv_  0092

Talk about predictable (yet oblivious)
It's knitting up promisingly, 0708GZUCKERfv_  0079
we may have a successful potlid soon.


Baby Beth said...

Goodness, I love that colorway! And I think the stitch pattern looks so much better with the hand painted yarn. I really wanted to knit this pattern but when you had trouble, I second guessed making it but maybe I'll give it a go. Have fun on vaca!

Anonymous said...

That is going to be an awesome potlid.

What a beautiful colorway!

Tamara said...

I have many moments when I look down at what I'm wearing and then look at what I'm knitting and realize it looks like I planned my knitting to coordinate with my outfit. If only I were that organized! But then if I did that on purpose, I'd probably drive myself crazy. Or just be crazy.