Monday, March 24, 2008

spring thing

In a back corner of my brain there's been this itchy little idea that I wasn't through with Razor Shell stitch yet. I loved working it on the the three (five if you recognize the socks singly, yes, I AM a nerd) gift projects in December. I felt one more Razor Shell project in me. Which is to say, FOR me.
seen earlier today
I was in Woolcott & Company, on a dark and stormy evening 2 Saturdays ago. I won't go into the scenario (bad oversleeping teenagers!) but there I was, killing an hour caffeinating before driving home, 2 plus hours in torrential rains.
Lots of nice yarn there, some I'd never seen before, including newly arrived Manos Silk Blend. That yarn screamed,"indulge yourself with a new spring scarf fer godsake, you are driving home, alone, in the dark cold rain, and I will look damn good in a Razor Shell stitch".
It is clearly very clever yarn , because it was right
Anyhoo, enough of the chit chat.The deets:
yarn: Manos Silk Blend semi-solid . The woman at the shop (btw, really nice people, one had just finished knitting the coolest felted squirrel. I hope she didn't shave it down, it looked like it had just crawled out of the woods, in a good way. Not as cutesy as in that link.) called this color Juniper, I almost chose the loveliest slate/gray/blue. Excellent hues. It is DK weight, this scarf is 2 skeins worth down to the last yard. My scarf all blocked out is at least 72" long and 7" + wide .
needles: size 5US, I knit loose. Use a US6 if you don't.
the stitch: Razor Shell.
some words about the stitch: Last week with the flu , feeling too sick to knit , I whiled away an hour moaning on the sofa , surfing Razor Shell scarves.
I found this and this, inspiring my button embellishments.
I used the 8 stitch repeat Razor Shell stitch I'm so fond of, I found variations : over 10 stitches (there are 3 stitches on each side of the sl1K2tog,psso )which makes the non-eyelet columns wider, and over 12 stitches, (there are 2 stitches in the center of the eyelet columns), making it less lacey overall. On Ravelry I found garter stitch Razor Shells, the zig zagginess emphasized in the ridges. There are unlimited ways to render this stitch. Maybe it was my fevered state but I found this interesting enough to consider swatching some variations. Which, for me , is saying something. I had one of those moments where you realize the "knitting pattern" and the "knitting designer" are modern conceits of this age-old craft, wherein a Razor Shell Scarf just meant you hunkered down and knit a stretch of a stitch you liked and there, you had a scarf.
final thoughts: This is lace. It was a joy, and quick , too. It is easy and lovable lace, I need to stop saying I am lace-challenged. I've been knitting lace projects all fall/winter. And now it is spring. Maybe only 30 degrees out, but, hey ! who cares! I have a new scarf.


jennsquared said...

The scarf turned out beautiful!!! Now I want to make one!!! :)

Mary Lou said...

Very nice - and I know what you mean about the pattern/designer concept. I feel guilty selling people patterns for what is essentially an extended swatch, but have come to see that there are many knitters who want that, or just aren't comfortable yet in exploring stitch patterns. So great scarf and BTW tell me that photo is taken in a library and the books in your house are not that organized....

Carole Knits said...

I love it! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Cookie said...

Love! It's fabulous, Gale. Well done.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

That is a beautiful shawl. Did it help you on the way home, feeling all wrapped up in it's benevolence?

kt said...

I add my voice to the chorus; it's beautiful and the color is STUNNING on you!

kelli ann & lorie said...

your scarf is gorgeous. love the buttons:: they add that fascinating detail. great job!