Thursday, March 06, 2008

someone please hit the forward button!

My Knitting Life seems to be on pause, if not reverse, like some kind of knitting Twilight Zone episode. Go ahead and make those doo-doo-doo-doo theme sounds for yourself. I mean really, check it out. I'll skip showing you the 2 berets that are put aside until I can deal with them but consider them part of the show.
0308FamVar_100My Juliet is still being a surgically improved. I've blocked, put long circular needles through the two lines I want to join, taking out about 4" of garter stitch that now exists between them, using a 3 needle bindoff to do the join.3deets
Then I'll delicately cut the extra , unravel it and use the yarn to get a better length on the bottom section. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it, even if it feels like this simple project will never end.
This is how it looks hanging around the sofa.

In the course of trying to go forward with the 3 needle bind off, I snapped one the few remaining Bakelite needles I have from Dave's Grandma Frieda. 0308FamVar_106
I was lucky enough to know her pretty well. I love having the needles , they make me think of her when I work with them. I might frame the last one.

I thought I had breakthrough: I knit this stripey kimono for a freelance asst's new baby, and I was just sooo proud of myself for whipping it out quickly and cutely as can be until I pinned it out wet to block and discovered....0308FamVar_115
yup, I bound off two stripes too soon. 0308FamVar_116
See what I mean? I bet it's not what they had in mind when they named the pattern Heartbreaking. (fyi? that's the ravelry link to 890 of these with the edges neatly matching).


Carole Knits said...

Bummer about the kimono but it shouldn't be hard to fix. Just frustrating, I'm sure. I think framing that last needle is an excellent idea.

Cookie said...

Maybe you need a simple ribbed sock. Or a glass of wine. ;^)

Mary Lou said...

The good thing about stockinette is that you can take out the bottom and knit down. But a drag, nevertheless.

The bakelite needle? Maybe you can turn it into jewelry - I have a link on my blog to someone who does this. I'll have to go look.

Wendy said...

I think you may need a medical degree for that surgery you're performing.

And, I'm still scratching my head over those grandma slipper/mukluk/nanook of the north boot - not so sure about those, but thanks for the link!


PICAdrienne said...

There may be many kimono's with matching up hems...but have you read the forum posts about neck decreases going strange, or sleeves not being decreased or two sleeves coming off the body in the same direction?

You will get it all fixed up, and then have a glass of wine and read the forum with a great variety of 'issues' that have occured knitting it up. You are not alone in the Twilight Zone. (Yes, as soon as I read that, I started playing the tune in my head.)

Cristina said...

An actual heart isn't symmetrical! Why not? Work that wrapping layers look, baby.