Thursday, January 18, 2007

sisterly relations

Recently a commenter asked: whatever happened to all those miters? Blogger being its usual ornery self, I can't email back so you all get to hear. Normally I cringe when asked about something I went on and on and on about and then never finished but that's only if you know me in regular life. You, my invisible internet friends? On the blog? Im honored to have you notice my dangling ends.

In case you missed this ongoing sibling knits drama, all summer my sister and I knit up mitered squares to make a surprise blanket for our parents. By mid August we were plenty psyched that a) we stopped short of hand-to-hand combat over artistic decisions and b) the trial layout looked awesome, in our-ahem- modest estimation. September passed and with it our not-really-but-we'd-like-to deadline .

We chose all those beachy bright colors because, in summer, the parents mostly live in beachy bright seaside Delaware. By October the place was boarded up for winter, so Lulu and I kinda lost our zip. We have the afghan-less sofa that faces the waves in mind as its final resting place. We're both immediate gratification gals , we want the reward of seeing the piece esconced and appreciated right way , none of that store it in a closet till spring stuff for us. (yeah we are old enough to be more mature than that. what about it?) We're thinking end of March when the place gets re-opened as the new goal.

Meanwhile, it appears that the easiest way to lose control of your schedule and your time to walk a couple of miles a day, is to pledge to do 100 Miles by April 1st at Run a Go Go. Last week I was up in Hartford on a job and realized I could boost my meager mileage and get major sisterly brownie points with the mitering sister r by taking a hike over to her museum shop before heading home. The walk itself was..well...unless you call the folks outside the methadone clinic interesting , a not so scenic mile each way. comphtfrd
Although I always like the Puritan gravestone art. You've got love New England cities for having the 250 year old winged skulls right next to the glassed in office tower in the center of town.

The store is full of fun things to browsestore2, Lulu is an excellent buyerstore3 and a gifted gifter.

Check out this display
Have I not been a good influence on her? See that issue of Piecework? Its all about knitting and has some very cool mittens in it. Wish I'd bought it.


Carole Knits said...

Hartford - yeah, not such a great area for walking around. But the store photos are wonderful.

Wool Winder said...

I find old cemeteries very interesting and peaceful. They are one of the few places that don't get torn down or concreted over to accommodate "progress".

kt said...


The birdy-eggy bowls!

They are to die for!

If you walk that way again, turn 'em over and tell me where to send for them!!!

kathie said...

thanks for the update on the miters!