Thursday, January 25, 2007

everything old is new again

An ongoing theme for 2007.

I always thought of myself as a sweater knitter. To me, sweaters were the main course of knitting, and hats or scarves were little snacks to have once in a while on the side.
In 2006 it seems I went wild with the chips and crackers, I didn't finish a single sweater. In fact I barely worked on one, and that baby is going to be ripped out in the near future.
This sweater was started at the end of 2005.piecesI'd bought a button I was crazy about while on vacation in New Mexico and decided to knit a sweater for it. Can you say "Bass Ackwards" ?
It's a Cutaway in Rowanspun DK, last seen with half a back knit in November 05.

Being one of Bonne Marie's wonderful designs, it is so well written , it's practically knitting itself . (That and it's mostly stockinette with shaping.) I've whipped out the back, the two fronts and cast on for the sleeves. Two on one, that is.

Below I am illustrating the velcro qualities of my backdoor tree (aka the lazy photographer's quick wall for knit shots) and also the oddly attractive combo of random orange waste yarn and the lavendar tweed. I'm tempted to blanket stitch the edge in something terra cotta-orangey.

Fortunately I still like the pattern I chose, I still like the yarn.
I'm just not sure it goes with the button.
• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Road trip today! It involves red scarves, students, Norma and, umm, maybe a gnome?


kathy in juneau said...

mmm .. love that pattern, the yarn and I even love the button, though it's hard to tell from here if it's perfect for the sweater or not.

Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Carole Knits said...

That cracks me up! Have fun with Norma. Watch out for the gnome. I hear he's a sly one.

pacalaga said...

The button looks lovely to me, and I think planning a sweater around a button is completely normal. (Have you seen that commercial where the woman asks the famous architect to design a house around her new faucet? Totally normal.)
Anyway, I think it goes fine, but if not, it's just a good reason for more button shopping, and to plan a NEW sweater around that beautiful button.

mary lou said...

Sometimes the button HAS to come first. I hope the road trip involves another excellent poster for Red Scarf 2008!

textilejunkie said...

Planning a sweater around a button is really no different than planning an outfit around new shoes - which is totally normal in my book.

The yarn and the button look great. Have a safe trip.

Sarah said...

If you decide the button and sweater no longer go together, you have a wonderful excuse to shop for a new project for the buttons, and new buttons for the sweater. Totally justifiable!