Monday, February 06, 2006

with a vengeance 1

*Whatever it takes...
First act of vengeance, observance of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, always the first Saturday in Feb.

Fully sugar buzzed and caffeinated fortified, I finished my Cable and Rib Hat. I hardly took it off for the rest of the weekend, I like it that much

pattern: from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar
yarn: KnitPicks Decadence - bulky alpaca . Love it. Its not really all that bulky, very silky and smooth to touch.
notes: I used size 9us needles, instead of the recommended 10.
As the cables went up toward the top, I knit them 1, then 2 rows shorter, so the hat was less tall. The pattern is a good one except its written for a 16" circular needle and never mentions switching to dpns as you decrease. I can see how it'd frustrate a new knitter when things got small near the top. This yarn is lovable, it feels
so good to knit and took well less than one skein for the hat.

*Thanks to Cassie for the button.
One last look at the breakfast table.......


Tracy Batchelder said...

Yummy...the ice cream and the hat!

kt said...

Oh Gale, you get my vote for the blogger I wish would blog more often. Just cause I'm greedy for your words and images. Your portfolios on the "real life" side are so wonderfully full of life. That darling boy sporting the tiny frog.....oohhhh.

Sending you a big hug just because.