Sunday, February 26, 2006

odessa odessa

The hat so nice, I had to make it twice.
v.1 for Lulu:odlulu
and v2 for me:odg3
This one's in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, a yarn I expected to love. I don't. I guess I'm more of an earthy-crunchy than a smooth-shiny fan. It feels nice but it catches on everything. Within 4 hours my new hat had 2 annoying snags. Perhaps cashmere blends aren't meant to be scrunched in your pocket with keys? Ahem.

I suffer again from 2nd Hat Syndrome (2HaS), in which I make the same hat that looked so cute as a gift to someone last week, and find that its not-so-cute on my own bean. I still love this pattern, that Grumperina knows how to design, and write, a good hat.


Norma said...

Oh, I know what you mean on both counts -- I love hats on other people, but not me -- and D.B. Cashmerino (I've not tried the "baby," just the aran) is too delicate, pilly, snaggy. I made wristers from it and after two hours of wear -- although so nice and soft -- just horribly pilly.

Anyway, at least you enjoyed the pattern and the knitting...and it looks like the gift is a great success -- so I'd say you won.

kt said...

I second Norma; at least the knitting of the hat was good for you. I bet you'd rock in a really strong color-version; like a hot RED or else one of Mason-Dixon Kay's dark blue Rowan Denims.

Wool Winder said...

It must be the yarn, because it looks good from here.

nona said...

I have a sneaky feeling that your hat looks better than you think -- we are all more critical with ourselves than with others! I've seen so many cute versions of this hat that I'm printing out the pattern as I type. If I can only get my work done, I can cast on...

Libby said...

I heart that pattern - made one for myself in the Rowan Cashsoft. That's a good one to use :)