Friday, September 02, 2005

more thin air

By now you must know about the relief effort that Margene & Susan are spearheading. Wow is all I can say. Sitting at home and seeing the misery in New Orleans, I feel powerless and insignificant. Put my donation with others, it reaches over $ 10,000 . That saying about it takes a village? Always true.

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Meanwhile, please enable the sniff control on your monitor panel, setting it to sage, cedar, some mint, with a hint of chiles roasting at the roadside stand . aaah. That's good. We're back to the New Mexico/southern Colorado roadtrip.

In the mountain town of Creede, Colorado ,
creede2 creede1

close encounter of the fiber kind, part 2

In a bend at the foot of a steep mountain face, a small building with handlettering, "Homespun Yarn".

And the smaller sign under it: closed.

I went for an ice cream instead. I am nothing if not resilient. And it was just too beautiful out to fret.

close encounter of the fiber kind, part 3

Sunday in Taos, I declared it a go-your-own-way hour. My way was into a yarn shop. Now I know, know, there are some wild & wonderful yarn purveyors in the Taos area but this wasn't one of them. As I stepped out of the shop, boom, a deluge of rain hit. Pelting, driving, get soaked in a minute rain. I ducked into the next storefront, Common Thread. Finally! Not yarn but piece goods from all over the world, and a wall of buttons in boxes. Buttons that made me want to knit cardigans, or bags that need closures or simple sweaters with decorative buttons sewn on just for the sake of 'em.

Wish I could show the ones I gave away already.

This button is destined to be the single closure on something like the Cutaway.

This one, I can't explain.catbutton Maybe it was the angry cat face against the martian blue background. Maybe we'll use the elevation excuse again? Its smaller than it looks , here's another of the same size, with blueberries for perspective.fridaI believe Frida would have liked the juxtaposition.

That was enough shopping for me, I returned to soaking in the surroundings on backroads. chimayo2

close encounter of the finest kind

Joshua sold us roasted ears of corn with lime & chile powder, in Chimayo. He wants to be a doctor who fixes hearts when he grows up.chimayo
He stole mine.

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Anonymous said...

Sensory overload! Such fantastic, evocative photographs. Hankering for corn right this minute. Thank you for such a swell travelogue.