Monday, August 29, 2005

into thin air

Literally. tinkertownEight days roadtripping from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Alamosa, Colorado & back, off the main roads. Multigenerational style. It was Roadside Attractions meets the Outdoor Southwest Experience, with enchiladas liberally applied along the way.

Tinkertown, New Mexico.080506newmex025 080506newmex061 Pure genius.

Alas not much in the way of yarn. I had this idea I'd run into little hidden yarn shops or ranches that sold local wool. I could have. But first, here's my posse: crew Do they look like they should be allowed near merino or hand painted wool of any weight?

close encounters of the fiber kind, part 1

Found in tiny Madrid NM.

While waitng for a sandwich at this cafe,madrid2 I stuck my head into the Tapestry Gallery , madrid3in an old rail car from the Santa Fe line. Madrid is that kind of place. Inside, a nook of locally produced wool & yarns from Karakul sheep, dyed beautiful shades. One of the sons stuck his head in and yelled " Mom found yarn? Noooooooo."

It being the first full day of the trip and me being my delusional self, I felt sure that I'd a) remember the name & info from the woman who made the yarn because I read the label, like, twice and b) I'd be having lots of moments like this on the way and didn't want to spend all my fiber indulgence funds upfront. Can we blame the lack of oxygen at the elevation?

The sandwich was awesome, though.

So was this place, bandelier Bandelier National Park.

The journey, the lack of oxygen & the close encounters continue, next post.... for now I must get back to work, here at sea level.

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