Saturday, August 06, 2005

the 20¢ solution

A brilliant suggestion by Jessica at Zarzuela solved my not-enough-yarn-to sew-up problem. Embroidery thread ! It comes in gazillion colors and best of all: 20¢. Who knew that anything cost 20¢ anymore?


I have to show the buttons, too:babybttons

The stats:
A 3-6 month size (really. I know it looks large. Lets just say she'll enjoy it for a long part of her babyhood) for a neighbor baby who'll be popping out any day.
pattern: a hoodless Daisy baby cardigan
yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino superwash. Love it.

Next up: I'm using the no-longer-a-Kiri yarn to make a funkier version of the Shimmer shrug for an end of August gift. I'm going to make it less elegant and more artsy.I hope my sister will appreciate this assessment of her shrugly needs. I'm shortening the sleeves, and foregoing the lozenge pattern on back - yeah, already learned my lesson about this variegated yarn and a lace pattern. I'm thinking maybe a row or two of a honeycomb stitch just to open it up a little. I've got about an inch of one sleeve going, but a nice car trip to the beach in Delaware this week should help.


wenders said...

I am working on the Haiku baby sweater from Knitty, and man, if I could sit in that chair and knit, I'd bet I'd be a lot further along. :)

The sweater looks GREAT! Congratulations!

Lynette said...

great job on the sweater, and the buttons look great also.

Sami said...

Lucky baby-- that's a goregeous cardi!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So lovely! I generally think that I do not like variegated yarn but I definitely like the 2-tone variations like this one. The buttons MAKE it.

I think you made the right call on Kiri in that yarn. But painful! It does get to be sociable knitting, the Kiri, but in my case only halfway through the SECOND Kiri. No kidding. You have to have fern leaves just naturally emitting from your fingers and in my case this took some time.

xoxo Kay

Zarzuela said...

Glad the floss worked out. The sweater turned out great! :)