Thursday, April 28, 2022

3 things on thursday: good things

 with photos, of course!

1) It's lamb season ! and the sheep and wool festivals are getting underway!  I'm going to swing by the tiny  Connecticut Sheep Wool & Fiber Fest this Saturday. It's just a one day event, and  makes my She Shoots Sheep Shots soul so happy.

The photo is from a quick visit last month to my LSF (Local Sheep Farm), Olympia Farm . Love that the little trio posed for me like that!  If you have a local farm that welcomes visitors, I highly recommend making it a stop from time to time. I'm going to be popping in again soon cause cheesemaking season just started. As if I need a reason beyond lambs and local wool.....

2) A long overdue new website is underway.  I am my own worst editor.  It's a truth that's led to many months years delay on this project.  I have help. It is pretty amazing to have a completely different set of eyes culling my work . I am super proud of myself for letting go of attachments to  the images and let them just be seen.  The website is still in process. Reveal soon!  This image is Fine Lines by Lori Versaci , pattern includes longer version.

3) Work has been bustling, including a big corporate project. For every day out photographing there are at least two solid days of desk work at my computer....which means lots of book listening while I edit. A recent favorite : The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton.  Fun, great characters, includes serious issues from various points of view, from the 70's and in the present --the kind of book that you think about the characters a couple of weeks later and wonder how they are doing. And then remember....wait, they are fictional ...Does that happen to you, too? I always feel that's the sign of a good writer.  

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Mary Lou said...

Congratulations on the outside help! So hard to figure out. I'll look for that book.

Sarah said...

Love those sweet sheep! They seriously look like they were posing for you.

I enjoyed Opal & Nev as well. It really did feel like a book about a real band. Have you read Daisy Jones and the Six? It has a similar vibe, and it's really good on audio, too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I am going to read it. Thank you!

Kym said...

Best sheep "family photo" ever! I am entranced! I've been wanting to read Opal & Nev, so thank you for that recommendation. I'll move it up in my "to read" list! (Can't wait to see your new website. . . ) XO

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