Tuesday, December 05, 2017

upcoming classes & events

A peek...from  a photo shoot for this cowl pattern, to be released soon from the talented Elizabeth Elliott Knits. It's a good thing the cowl has such strong graphics or the eyes would take over the whole photo. Made ya look!

Are you attending TNNA in Las Vegas in January ? Thinking of it ? Do it!  I am looking forward to teaching three classes there. Join me!  

The class sizes will be smaller than the June summer show. We can really get into helping YOU and make sure you leave with new skills and a customized plan.  Plus--what a hoot? ! We'll be in Las Vegas?! Actually the whole show is going to be more personal, in a mart format. It's a great chance to connect with others in the industry. I love the hustlebustle of the summer show but it can be hard to do more than a quick chat that week.  Building relationships takes at least a MaiTai by the pool, right? (JOKING!)  I am not even sure what is in a MaiTai.( I'll have tequila,  thankyouverymuch). I do think it'll be a great opportunity to meet yarn industry folks worth knowing.

I am teaching
Become Insta-Savvy: Instagram as Community Builder 
with co-teacher Beverly Army-Williams. We'll help you get on board or smarten the way you use my fave social media platform. It's a very powerful and fun way to stay in touch and connected to your customers, or meet new ones. Words, pictures, planning, nuts and bolts...we cover it all.  I am amazed how much real business gets done on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram almost daily. Follow and say hi!

Beverly and I are also co-teaching Simplify The Newsletter .  We know small business owners and creatives have trouble finding time to put together a newsletter, so it gets sent irregularly.  Or haphazardly. We'll take a second look at how to apprioach the newsletter,  help you streamline the way you create content, make it fun, and make a plan that will work for you, specifically. Start 2018 with consistent and eagerly awaited newsletters to your email list!
Lastly,  I'll be teaching my beloved I-Phoneography class*. It's a fun, hands-on chance to discover how easy it is to make smartphone camera photos fabulous. The reason I enjoy teaching it so much is everyone leaves happy. I see them posting great images right away, after class.  I share tips, and tricks that are easily put to use, as well as demo a free creative app that helps you make strong, professional looking images that pop out on social media. Or anywhere, really.   The beautiful Backyard Fiberworks yarnballs above? A quickie smartphone photo just as it was getting dark out. 

 If you are in Connecticut, Beverly and I are also teaching at a very cool new place, The StoryTellers Cottage in Simsbury CT.   We're teaching a three part class (sign up for as much as you want/need to learn) on blog writng and photography, and also a Creating Haiku Postcards Valentines Day workshop. You can find these plus a lot of other fun opportunities, on their calendar.

Do you do needlepoint? Is there a needlepoint FB page you like or forum?  Where do needlepoint folks hang out online? if you know, do tell!

* BTW? I teach this class inside th yarn industry and outside it, as well. If it would be useful to your organization, company, sales staff, civic group, institution, whatever....give me a shout , I am happy to come teach an in-service. 


Nicole said...

That's a lovely photo! I can't wait to see more of the cowl, too. I really like knitting interesting cowls.

I won't be in Vegas in January, but I'll have a Mai Tai on your behalf anyway. (It's rum. Lots of rum.)

Kym said...

What great classes! Someday . . . I'll be in the right place at the right time and will be able to take one of your classes! That yarn is just gorgeous. My favorite colors . . .

AsKatKnits said...

And, with this teaser, my yearning to take one of your classes grows! And, I look forward to the new patterns!

Mary Lou said...

I just finished listening to your Stitchcraft Marketing podcast while stuck in traffic. It was like having you next to me. But without the nervousness about my driving....