Wednesday, September 02, 2015

summer 2015 making report

I was making many things this summer. Except for, obviously, blogposts.
Sweet rowboat that carried us ashore on Nash Island at the start of summer. Waaaay overdue blogpost about that weekend.

A great deal of my making this summer surrounded a very special book project. It's a beautiful knitting book, from Clarkson Potter, but it won't be out for a year (tap.tap.tap. i'mma gonna wear a hole in the table drumming my fingers in anticipation).
 Here's a photo from the wrap of the book shoot, at the end of some very long steamy photo days. We cleverly ended on the beach...and we also unconsciously dressed as if we planned it. Cute group, right? You're probably recognizing my co-authors Kirsten Kapur  and Mary Lou Egan and the rest of the crew and models who all worked their tushes off.
Aaaannnd a super dorky BTS moment. There are wonderful shots of us working but all show too much, I can't spill the beans on the knits. Very  frustrating!  I have been proud of every book I've worked on but this one is going to be so freakin' good and you will want to knit everything in it. I already am.... That's all I am saying on it for now.

A quick report on the general activities, making and more:
- knitting-- yup yup. Finished two hats, a shawl, a cowl or two- that right there is a couple of blogposts of material, right? and now I'm  on a sweater--in my mind I've lined up my next 4 projects. I don't have enough knitting time lately but I am so in the mood. There's a new Fringe Hat a-long, and yarn from last autumn...and and and and...
The aforementioned yarn, from Rhinebeck last year. With Bobo's paws, just because.

-stitching- major fail. No progress on the Alabama Chanin projects, and despite swearing I'd crack out the ol' Singer, and make at least one Sonya Philip tunic, and some cute little frocks for Zoe, who couldn't be more appreciative and excited to have me make things for her...nope. The weather has been way too good for weeks, I can't bear to be inside. Plus, see making a book, above.

- books -most recently A Constellation of Vital Phenomenona by Anthony Marra , one of the best I've read...period. Fiction, brilliant, moving. Go get it.

- swimming- every day at the beach, still. Fingers crossed to make it into October this year. 

- reconnecting with old friends- yup. In June,with dear but farflung college friends , then in July,  my high school reunion-- a really down to earth and fun one, where the kids I hung with in 3rd and 4th grade and I all wondered why we lost touch in high school and  became our old selves again. It was eye and heart opening.  Highly recommend making the leap.

- traveling-- not so much! which let me hang around the 'hood and enjoy all the beach days, get to pick all the fruits as they come into season and cook and picnic and host visitors  and attend summery events like weekly outdoor music . I'm off ot Maine next week though, and looking forward to teaching Making Digital Photo Collages at  Fiber College.*

- shooting more knits and yarn and people -- yup. It's my job but I never get tired of it. Wait'll you see some of the new designs I've shot lately, and some amazingly talented new clients.

- blogging--well, as I said at the top, definitely failing. I 'm on Instagram a lot, and it's just too easy to neglect blogging...time to get back in the habit.

- teaching-- the Photo Editing webinar from Interweave is at last available reliably from the link. I teach it live too, in person, whenever you want me to...just give a shout.  And, I'm going to be at Fibre Space in November. yay!

So what have you been making? What's next on your list?

*still room in my class. C'mon up and join me!


Carole said...

I love that group shot and it's sounds like you've had a great summer. I'm not ready to let it go, though, let's hold on to this summer time feeling for as long as we can. Deal?

margene said...

I so in love with summer and I don't want the time outdoors, the fresh fruits and veggies from the garden, or the long days to disappear!! Your summer sounds fun and lovely, too! A Constellation of Vital Phenomenona is one of my favorite books ever, too! Enjoying summer has been paramount to stitching or knitting, but I've made some progress on AC and Kirsten's mystery. It's wonderful to hear from you, Gale!

Kirsten said...

So fun to see the summer recap. It has been a busy one. Shots of Bobo's feet & pretty yarn never require explanation.
Looking forward to Maine. xo

Beverly said...

Can't wait for Maine! My projects fell by the wayside this summer, too, beause: good weather!

Manise said...

Summer if for living it up and enjoying life and you certainly have been! Can't wait to see photos from the new book. Love, love the row boat above. I'm hanging on to the last vestiges of summer by my fingernails. Soaking it all in......... and taking photos in my community garden plot. Many thanks for the Instagram love. I have a few projects on the needles, but am slowly working through them.

Ellen Bloom said...

Always nice to see a post from you, Gale. Sounds like your summer has been filled with fun! I always like your Instagram photos! The Rhinebeck yarn...YUMMMMM! Can't wait to see what you make with those gorgeous colors.

Mary Lou said...

Reading recommendations always welcome. I just downloaded it from the library for my kindle.