Friday, March 14, 2014

welcome to camp kitschy knits video

So thrilled I can finally share this one. Hit it!

From a hoot of a photoshoot for Camp Kitschy Knits, a business that sells handknit, 100% wool brand new sweaters from vintage patterns, mostly Mary Maxims. The sweaters are the handwork of Fair Trade Knitters in South America.

I'd like to go on record as first handknit sweater stop-action video with an original soundtrack of banjouke and concertina.
Where's my Oscar??!!!

When the client shipped me the garments for the photo shoot, I was expecting heavy rustic sweaters, but she sources lofty, super squishy soft wool yarn--they're so wonderful. And so funky. Cowichan! Curling! Archery! Scuba diving! Pheasants! Square dancing!

We decided  the best way to show them off was a glamping trip.  We borrowed an Airstream, gathered some models and friends, laid on the bright red lipstick,  amped up the retro makeup, made a campfire--and froze our butts off! It was a freakishly cold day, but you can see we had fun, anyway.
 Enjoy. And, give a like the Camp Kitschy Knits facebook page, wontcha?


Anonymous said...

All your videos are wonderful. You definitely deserve an Oscar.

Mary Lou said...

Fun. All it is missing is some of these in those cold cold hands

kelli ann & lorie said...


Lori ann said...

wow! awesome gale! i haven't seen mary maxim for years, i remember getting the catalog in the mail.

Robin Allen said...

Love this. So creative and fun! I could smell the woodsmoke.

kt said...

I want all the Canadian-themed sweaters! Especially the curling and beaver-themed ones! And you had me at the first shot as the page opened--I've been noodling with teaching myself the english concertina for many years...

Susan in Katonah said...

LOVE the curling sweaters. And the guy with the perfectly good dead fish. And the music. The music is killing me.

If you ever need help on a photoshoot, I volunteer. Really really.

CV: I am an enthusiastic knitter and campfire-builder. I can hold things and lug things.

My musical talents are not at a professional level, but I can (sorta) play the two-row button accordion ( really only two songs: 'Smoke on the Water' and 'The Log-Drivers Waltz'), also oom-pah-pah base lines, and any sort of melodic background mooing that may be required, e.g. for 'Imagine' or 'Oh Canada'.

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