Tuesday, August 06, 2013

ssk, y'all part 2

It seems like I'm going to need a 3 parter to get through the whole Tennessee week, so much to show. This one's going to be sort of a postcard collection of views. So, we left me at the Scarritt Bennett Center, at SSK, the Super Summer Knitogether put on by The KnitGirlls in Nashville.
entering the dining hall at SSK

264_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Please, someone design a sweater that uses this motif from the dining room chairs as the colorwork on a yoke or a hat or..somewhere. It'll be a hit, I know it.232_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Designer Rebecca Danger taught last year, but was an attendee this time. So talented, so nice, such an impressive tattoo sleeve! She took one of my classes, when we did intros she said something like "oh, I knit toys..." Understate much? 273_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Goody bag yarn. The swag was lovely--now I own sockblockers. The bag itself was a keeper, sorta set the tone.  My favorite item inside:  a  skein in  special edition SSK 2013 colorway from another crafty girl. I need to knit something just right with this.(note to self: universe is telling you to knit socks..you have blockers for them now!)
 275_GZuckerSSKTN_0713View of my dorm from the patio in front.242_GZuckerSSKTN_0713 
View of who was on the patio,  having a Sistine Chapel moment...Amy Cristoffers of Savory Knitting, and Susan B. Anderson. 245_GZuckerSSKTN_0713 
I know you want to see what they were passing. Desert Vista Dyeworks in Tiki Bar, that Susan acquired in the market earlier. She recognized the beauty in the even self-striping socks, I was of course, oblivious (an ongoing issue, it seems). Later that evening, Susan was well on her way knitting the sock  - scroll down in that linked post, its there- I had instant non-buyer's remorse. If that's a thing.
32_GZuckerSSKTN_0713What a class looks like..I've never actually taken a class at a retreat, so I thought you might wonder, too, what goes on.416_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Susan in the same class-lest you worry it's all concentration and seriousness. 39_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Some of the fair isle combos her students were working with. Love the red & sky blue on the right.397_GZuckerSSKTN_0713In the tasting room, tables of yarns, needles, spinning wheels & spindles...this is Made in America yarn.390_GZuckerSSKTN_0713Deerfield spindles393_GZuckerSSKTN_0713 a trindle (I know nothing of such things, but they looked cool and seemed  popular)379_GZuckerSSKTN_0713 
knitters,knitters everywhere, day and night, inside, outside373_GZuckerSSKTN_0713and the pom poms. I feel a very big pom pom season coming on. _______________ next up, part 3: in which we move in on Ann Shayne, Nashville celebrity author and hostess extraordinaire


Jan said...

Oh man, keep the parts coming. Your photos are giving me non-retreater's remorse! And I so agree about that chair as inspiration for design.You're actually encouraging me to look for design inspiration from the college buildings around me here on the Oberlin campus! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love this! And love the truth-in-advertising of Susie Gray Hall. Susie's Hall IS Gray!