Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ways to use up yarn

This is one pretty charming way. Especially if you are on the receiving end.  I like how she braided strands together instead of just wrapping it round and round.
From my friend Julie. She said she thought of consulting  Shear Spirit and making a Navajo Braid with the yarn. navajobraidHer saying that, and actually referencing the book? A gift, too.
Navajo braid from churro sheep roving  on Jay Begay's ranch, on the rez in Arizona 
Here's a link from our photo shoot there.
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ps inside was the novel Swamplandia by Karen Russell. 


Ellen Bloom said...

Very clever use of yarn!!! HBO has "Swamplandia" in development right now! It's supposed to be very entertaining. Enjoy and happy b-day...again!

twinsetellen said...

Yes, this is a wonderful way to use up leftover bits of yarn. Especially for wrapping birthday gifts! Happy Birthday, by the way...