Monday, June 11, 2012

yarnbombing with all the ingredients

Dateline New Haven, June 9th 2012:  International Yarnbombing Day recognized in the only way possible.  We had everything necessary for success.
Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven Even a few raindops, so we could feel valiant as we carried on. 
Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven  Julia-of Julia, June & Linda, our Knit New Haven hosts.
Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven Stacey Fresh Stitches, flower provocateur. 
yarnbombing ingredients tools & fuel

yarnbombing details Note the refreshed door handle.
Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven500" src="" width="355" />
That's Ruth Anne at work.
Yarnbombing outside Knit New HavenMy main contribution? This recycled mitten fella. I like its provenance: the yarn was in this batch, the mitten, a reject from this project.  Turning it into a wooly face , instigated by the sidewalk chorus on Saturday after I pointed out the way I was hanging it, unadorned,  looked a little....suggestive. (see? I told you I'd have some of my knitting on this post).
Cathy's working on the little heart, knit in the round. Metaphor alert!
yarncombingcomp1 Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven Yarnbombing outside Knit New Haven
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 If this piques your interest, check out the yarnbombing in Craft Activism. And get going. There're plenty of surfaces left to cover.


Mary Lou said...

I bombed at Yarnbombing. Glad you took up the slack.

AmyElements said...


Anonymous said...

Cool article! Such fun!

Anonymous said...

It was fun. I want to do my front railing (but probably won't). Thanks for linking to my blog.

craftivore said...

Gah, look at all the pretty colors! Such happiness.

twinsetellen said...

Your wooly face guy makes me smile. Especially when I think of what he might have looked like...