Sunday, August 21, 2011

groundhog day?

Monday AM, I'll be heading up to Vermont for 3 days of photo shoots. I'll be in some pretty great locations but none of them call for wild hair. A new week, a new headband.
yarn: Berocco Pure Pima in Beech, theoretically matching everything in its colorless neutrality yet looking awful next to my skin
needles: size 7us
comments: This is an ideal headband, just right for summer, love the width & lace-that-is-not-prissy, quick but not boring to knit. Didn't even bother to block.
(aerial hipstamatic views of my head by Dave, who did an excellent job considering he just wanted to enjoy his coffee & breakfast at the time, and we were in public at a cafe when I felt the need to have him get the shots)
I'll definitely wear it a lot despite the deadly color on me. I broke it in at a neighborhood happy hour on the beach tonight, and tomorrow it'll be on my head in a soybean field somewhere way north of here. I like a headband that gets around, don't you?
The start of  V3.  Not that I'm obsessed or anything. This'll be like the blue one, but wider, same yarn but in Oyster. I reached half done with it and then remembered Ellen, #1 crochet enabling friend,  suggesting a striped granny stitch one. I'll have 3 different half skeins left after this, I have a feeling I know what V4 will look like.....


Mary Lou said...

As long as it isn't little granny squares...

craftivore said...

Aww, phoey, I love granny squares. Your little handbands seem like the perfect travel/summer projects.

Cookie said...

I'm sitting here wearing a panta and blaming you. xo

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! #1 crochet enabling friend! LOVE my new title!

The headband looks great...lovely pattern!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting kind of twitchy about this headband deal and I don't even have the wild hair for it. It'll sit on my flat head like a snood that's lost its way. But perfect end-of-summer no-ambition knitting, am I right?


Natalie said...

I LOVE your new head bands. They look great. Smart looking and functional. Way to go.