Friday, May 06, 2011

classing up mothers day

Forgive me for another self-promotional post here, but I really do think getting a class in something you are interested in, say, photography and knitting? would be a most excellent gift for Mothers Day. So would giving it. Obviously. Maybe with skein of some nice yarn..or a new camera?  Photography for Knitters classes.That's what I'm talking about.
Here's a full list of all the classes and workshops coming up. The soonest is next Sunday May 15th in New Haven , the rest are scattered over the following months. To say I'm excited about them is waaaay understatement. I've yet to teach a class that wasn't full of great people, it is always fun, as everyone gets excited about seeing their skills grow and their photos improve.
But I need to blab about one workshop in particular, because it's unique: Saturday July 9th, I'll be teaching 12:30-6:30 workshop at a private home in beautiful Southampton NY,  in eastern LI (about 2 hours from NYC by car or train). I've used this house and grounds as a photo location for shooting, and I can tell you it is, literally,  picture perfect. Comfy & relaxing.  But you know what will make this day truly a unique class? If I say log cabin, does that give you a hint? We'll have a special student,  Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting  in the class. (Let the record show she suggested the phrase Special Student. I think it sounds, well, I just always hear the Church Lady ).  I am pretty sure this means we will have a chance to wallow in log cabin afghans and blankets and god-knows-what-else, all waiting to be photographed. Class is limited to 12, so if this appeals, start dropping some hints big time, right now, so you can get a seat in the class as  your Mothers Day gift. Why not? 11th hour rules! Link with all the details, here
Or you can just sign up right from this handy button:

BTW? The little cuties in this post were all photographed  on location at the house in Southampton, modeling Blu , for Mason Dixon Knitting:Outside the Lines. I wonder if anyone has knit them in an adult size?That'd be fun to shoot.

So, what're you up to for Mother's Day? Myself ,I'm planning  to split the day between domination over nature in the backyard, and brunch with  champagne drinks at the neighborhood cafe. Maybe a little knitting, once the weeds have been beaten back and the raised beds built. Or....... the champagne kicks in.
My guys a couple of weekends ago. 


twinsetellen said...

Was just about to whine about not being able to take your class, again, and then I see St. Paul! in the class list!!

Color me thrilled.

(But Blu in adult size? color me scared!)

gayle said...

As usual, your pictures make me smile...

Mary Lou said...

You would not want to photograph my butt in adult sized Blu, I assure you.

Cookie said...

Holy Crap, Gale!

When they become grown-ups?! o.O

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie.


craftivore said...

Sometime in my future is one of your classes, not at the moment, but it is on my must do list. Your photos are always an inspiration.

hhhhthompson said...

So glad you're knitting on the East End this Spring. While you're here come sit with us - knit with us at the W A.V E. Healing Fire (Women Against Viloence Everyday) to support victims of and awareness about domestic violence. We're keeping a vigil, so join us on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. Hope to see you. Happy knitting!! --Rev. Holly