Sunday, February 20, 2011


 I often find myself photographing at public schools. I'm almost always there because of  people and programs going on, and I love the subject of education.  But there is something about the settings that get me. Maybe because they're so timeless and often (economically) classless. I mean, look at the velvet curtain, the construction paper chains and winter decoration. This could be last week in Fair Haven , a working class  neighborhood of  Latino new immigrants in New Haven , or it could have been my elementary school, a few hundred miles and a couple, few decades um, lifetime, ago.

Thanks for all the blogiversary comments. This whole blogging scene, and the connections we make, and the things that happen next, are really truly amazing.

I thought I'd be showing you the finished Cobblestone sweater but you know that garter stitch yoke? A time (and yarn) gobbler. We've been on a bender of watching The Wire on DVD,  this week obsessed with Season 2.  So caught up in the plots and dialogue that I sometimes stop knitting to concentrate on the characters. I know ? Whats up with that? Unthinkable. But the sweater is  blocking now and so is another little project. FO's next post.
Meanwhile, play fair, OK?


Diane said...

I don't remember my schools having all that COLOR. I remember them as dark wood (the building was constructed in 1901) and then beige linoleum when we moved to the new school. Kids are lucky these days :-P

gayle said...

My schools weren't colorful, either. Everything was gray, beige, and that green that tries to be mint and fails.

Mary Lou said...

Catholic school wasn't that colorful. No art please, we have serious work to do. Sometime I'll tell you about what passed for art education at Sacred Heart School! I've been meaning to check out the Wire, I need a new series to get overinvolved in while knitting.

Cookie said...

I'm sorry. I don't understand this 'stop knitting' business. /confused

Some things never change and grade schools seem to be one of them. Thirty years later, and those scenes still feel familiar. Even if the artwork and curtain color has changed.


Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

I love the top photo, it really is beautiful and timeless. Happy Bloganniversary to you and thanks for encouraging me!
And by the way, after seeing the hyperbolic coral reefs today for the 2nd time, I think I'm ready to pick up a crochet hook. Cool stuff all around.

LittleWit said...

I have the same problem when watching The Wire. Sometimes I can do the most basic of knitting but generally I don't knit while watching. :) I don't think any other show has that hold on me!

twinsetellen said...

Ah, that green that tries to be mint. Was there a government surplus of that paint or something?

The bit that hit me was the stage. The stage with the steps that undoubtedly lead down to the gymnateria or cafetasium or whatever your school called the multi-purpose room that held phys ed classes and lunchtime.

ImplausibleYarn said...

I had that exact same problem when I went on my Wire bender! I was sorry when that show ended.

kt said...

Yes, yes, yes, the gym/cafeteria/auditorium.

My girlie and i both swooned at the sweetness of that top photo.

So very glad you are out there using your wonderfully perceptive eyes to capture these dear moments. You take our breath away!