Monday, November 15, 2010


Dark and early this morning I flew south. I crocheted some granny squares on board. A bonafide granny admired them.

- when I got there, I rented a car and picked up Leo and Bobo, the one balled American Bulldog (see what I mean, you can't make this up)

- we did a quickie drive 'round his new 'hood, had some ceviche and then immediately headed north

- we have some farmstand fruit, water, podcasts & music with us
- and 3 days to get home to Connecticut.

Ps I was warned that along with his good looks and considerable charm, Bobo is flatulent .
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Location:Pershing Cir,Brunswick,United States


Carole Knits said...

How fun! Have a safe and awesome ride home!

Anonymous said...

I love how chartreuse it is, there.

Great pix. Good luck with Bobo. I'm reading All Creatures Great and Small so I'm sure we'd be pals. (Non sequitur, I know.)


Lisa/knitnzu said...

I love Bobo! Somehow I don't hear somebody who names their one balled dog bobo indicating that he is "flatulent", but you never know. Since I can't smell much these days, his aromatic qualities wouldn't even be noticed. Hope you all survive the ride home with him!

woolanthropy said...

Bobo is a handsome devil.