Sunday, September 12, 2010

that slippery granny slope

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I know. You just glanced at the photo and thought "whoa, whose blog am I on, anyway?"
It all started in April, I was with the Empress of Granny Square, Ellen Bloom,  in LA. You can't hang with Ellen without  a hook somehow finding its way into your hands, and a granny square springing forth.  At least I couldn't.
Last weekend, my friend Julie asked for a lesson. Since my granny square before the three in April was, like, in my teens, I thought I'd practice a little.
And one thing led to another. I'm thinking granny square scarf. These are 5 inches across.
Truth: I was also thinking afghan. But I realized 15 squares = a pretty decent scarf, 99= a decent afghan.....yeah. Scarf it is.
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Thanks for entering the caption contest, that was great, you need to go read the captions in comments on the last post- so clever and funny. And punny, too. (winners have been notified).


Ellen Bloom said...

Bwahhh HaHahahaha!!! I've hooked you into the Granny Square web!!! I knew you'd succumb!
Thanks for the photo and shout-out, Gale...welcome to Granny World!

gayle said...

Yeah, Granny Squares are tricksy that way... I've got half an afghan tucked away in a bag somewhere deep in the stash.

Mary Lou said...

However, if you make them into a longish vest that ties in front, I'm doing an intervention.

Turtle said...

ellen, if only you lived closer! my granny squares get half way round then flubb up! help!! (i am trying to get used to not having two sticks!)

twinsetellen said...

They look different from the granny squares I crocheted in the 70's. Hmmm, what is it? Oh, yea, the neon acrylic just isn't quite the same vibe as the yarn you're working with!

Kym said...

Crocheting granny squares is kind of like riding a bike. . . you can still make it work after decades of neglect!

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

I would so wear the vest with the tie in the front!

Anonymous said...

Making the granny squares is the easy part---it's joining all the little rascals together that always killed me.