Thursday, September 10, 2009

some kinds of wonderful

Most days, I don't mix my photography work life with my knitting life. On Sunday, I'll mash it up good and dish it out. I can't think of a better way to spend the day. edited to add: the Photography for Knitters workshop 9/13 I'm referring to was wonderful, what a great group! full report & photos soon.
The kindness of knitters wonderful: five pair of beautiful handknit socks donated for the fundraising auction at AIDS Project New Haven. They're going to be offered as a group, a luxury item, handknit socks for the week.
But let me show them to you individually, and at the same time prove that if you need a distressed surface , my yard is your go-to location.

From Sunflower Fairy, who brought a beautiful new little boy into the world this week , congrats, Heidi! The pattern is Charade, that's a Ravelry link since the designer at I May Be Knitting a Ranch House seems to be blogless now. And here's where Sunflowerfairy talked about 'em.
These from Rebecca/Archiknist. Last year I watched her crank out 52 pair of socks, cheerfully. At least whenever I saw her at SnB she seemed cheerful. Maybe she was sitting at home cursing yet another set of heel flaps, who knows? She talked about these here but didn't say what yarn she used. I can tell you they feel great, and love those contrasting toes & heels.
DariaSen , that's her nom d'Ravelry, whipped these out. She has the most amazingly even, tight tension in her stitches. Socks for a rainy day. Thanks Daria !
A glowing pair from CostumeChick. They're a Wendy Johnson pattern, see the deets on CostumeChick's Ravelry page. This is the first time I've seen/touched this yarn, it knits into lovely sock fabric. Reminds me of Trekking - but fuzzier. Mmmmm. Great choice Val!
And in the long distance charity knitting category, my friend Irish Ann. She sent these from the UK when I posted about the APNH auction. Ann & her hubby Mike are New Haven SnB regulars when they're on this side of the pond. Thanks to them I've discovered a fondness for mulled wine. (Come back we miss you!)

I firmly believe socks look way better photographed on feet but with these beauties all blocked out and ready for presentation at the fundraiser, I didn't want to besmirch them. Not that I wasn't tempted.

You'll notice none were knit by me. Guilty !

Last bit of wonderful, from our annual 'hood 3 day banging end of summer fest0909FAMVAR_039
I am not sure what the theme is here but she was passing out real true-life wishbones along the way.


Ellen Bloom said...

Faboo sock photos, Gale! I love the smooth socks against the rough textures of your yard! Aha...just learned a new photo technique...thank you.

Chicken girl makes me smile!

Carole Knits said...

I'm really looking forward to Sunday!

Mary Lou said...

I'm sure your class will have even more fun than ours did. Do you need to use the dongle. I just had to use that word.

gayle said...

Love the chicken head!
Enjoy the class. Sounds like such fun!

twinsetellen said...

What an awesome auction item! I hope it goes for lots and lots.

And the chicken head? I'm going to try to bring it to mind this week when I am feeling perplexed by corporate craziness, just to remind myself there are alternative approaches to life.

the Lady said...

What great socks! But what post was this, about the auction? I seem to have missed it.

Sunflowerfairy said...

oh! You made my socks look much prettier than I did. Now I know why you're the pro. lol