Sunday, March 22, 2009

field trip: a good thing

0309famvar_  470
Wednesday morning early, I met sister Lulu here, NY bound. Say what you will about New Haven, we have incredible pizza and a grand train station.

By 11 am we'd rounded up our mom, and her sister, Aunt Marcia from points south and points east.0309famvar_  486
All very proud of ourselves for accomplishing the meetup, we celebrated by
flowermkt...cutting through the side streets of the flower district . This time of year, its like walking through the magic forest in the middle of the dismal city. I didn't do it justice, but I did catch Lulu showing off her Meseta Alta (rav link) shawl. Tulips by the hundreds in bloom! Pussy willows 8 feet tall! Ranunculus in every color! We oohed, we ahhed, we made asses of ourselves smelling the blooms while blocking the narrow passageway.

0309famvar_  500A few paninis & coffees later, we head to our people in line.
It looked suspiciously like a sheep & wool show......oh the shawls! and felted totes! and sweaters!

0309famvar_  504and ....a cupcake. Being completely obsessed interested in queuing up my next 8 sweaters for the NanKniSweaMoDo that I'm, ahem, not really doing, this was great opportunity--- sweaters on parade. I had a 2 minute conversation with someone in a minty green mohair cardi, it reminded me of this or this, but the fit was less roomy, so flattering..she told me it was from an IK , Fall of...(help can't remember!)..damn those frowning production assistants in their headsets, just as she was giving me the lowdown, she was swept away for seating. All I heard was, in the mag it was shown in a hearty tweed but she'd knit it in a Jo Sharp something-fuzzy--and if you know what I am talking about, send me the name of that pattern! Of course I went home and looked through my old mags and didn't find it. It was a cardigan , and there were a couple of panels with diamond shape eyelets, bell sleeves....
0309famvar_  510
Oh, sorry, where was I/ yes, ahem, on the set of the Martha Stewart Show, the special yarn show where we were invited to bring our knitting projects, descriptions requested in advance as if someone cared. We were there to show the love by knitting throughout the show while also clapping wildly on cue. (Don't try this at home.)

My 2 second review: fun to see the studio set, Mo Rocca is much better when he can do his shtik alone, the audience was wonderful, the show Ok, the crocheted urinal was...worth a peek.Or should that be worth a pee? You can watch on Monday 3/23 and judge for yourself.

It was a beautiful spring day in NYC, anyway. We left with an enormous tote bag each, a sample of Soak from Purl (mwah) and swag choice from a sponsoring yarn company . Margaux' (tentenknits) expression here said it for all of us.

word to Martha:it's International Year of Natural Fibres. And that, my dear is a good thing.
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ps that giveaway for copies of Shear Spirit is still on over at the fiber farm CSA blog, in honor of the year, go over and enter!


Gotta Knit! said...

Wow, what an adventure you had.

Ellen Bloom said...

Sounds like you had a grand time. Isn't that great that so many of your relatives knit and you can enjoy it together!

I saw the giveaway. Ugh! Is Martha kidding (or is she just cheap)? Both, probably. I'm sure the giveaway was a leftover that didn't sell. That's NOT a good thing, Martha my dear.

What were you wearing for the taping? Where were you sitting in the audience? I'll watch the show on Monday and see if I can see you!

Robin said...

Bet she got those free. Very disappointing! She could of at least thrown in a pair of bamboo needles. I bet Oprah would've given you a car. A car full of yarn.

Kay said...

Great fun to compare the email and blog versions of this event, lol.

That sponsoring yarn company did itself more harm than good.


Carole Knits said...

It sounds way cool even if it wasn't great.

Cathy R said...

It is always fun to get together with knitting kindred. Even if the giveaway was lame (not lamb...)

LOVE the flower market - I would have been in heaven. Tulips are my favorite flower, but I'm not allowed to bring them home anymore. My "water obsessed" cat always knocks over the vase so that he can play in the water...

Mary Lou said...

Sounds like the audience was the most fun. Sorry I won't get to see it.

Cookie said...

I'm so glad there was togetherness and the flower market to bring some real fun into that day. I hope you get the info you need on that cardi.

Ya know, I've been waiting for years for people to see that woman for what she really is. Maybe this is the start.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Love the photo of the set -- it would be cool to see that. I haven't watched a Martha show in YEARS, but I set the DVR... must see some of my peeps!

Norma said...

There is a woman who makes her own sand by crushing rocks, and yet.... she doesn't get the knitting thing, eh? FFS. Too funny. But it had to be done. Glad it was you and not me. Hahaha.

Sara G-L said...

Hey, I think I know what pattern you are looking for - could it be "Jade Empire" in Knitters Fall 07? Your hint of bell sleeves and diamonds of yarn overs made me think of this one. Also, it's green in the magazine photo. I made it for myself out of Berroco Ultra alpaca and it is my favorite sweater - fitwise and stylewise! Hope this is what you're looking for...

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thanks Sarah, that's the one! I was looking in IK magazine, that was my problem!. Now I just need to track down a copy.