Thursday, October 23, 2008

things I learned at Rhinebeck

1) Even if Rhinebeck is Crazy Bizarro Wool World where you wear tons of handknits and get complimented on them by pattern name, it is still dorky to wear matching sweaters with your writer/co-author if you spend the day together. Note to self: ask Joan what she is wearing next time!
1008GZUCKER_  946
Proof that I finished the Montana Tunic from Shear Spirit. (thanks for the nudge Heidi). Proof that I wrapped the shawl collar backwards. I suspect its a convention like which side your coat buttons on. Further, proof that it looks good with the collar wrapping partially or fully and that you can indeed wear it over a lighter weight long sleeve sweater if you are at a chilly outdoor festival.Mine is a size L in sport weight, Joan's is a size S in worsted weight, both 13 Mile 100% organic wool.

2) OTOH some folks can look fabulous no matter how many layers of knit they wear, or if they re-purpose a large throw into a shawl.
1008GZUCKER_  957
oh how great to reunion with Kay & Ann briefly. Note to self: don't forget that blog post about the True Life Making of Mason Dixon 2. Also- next year, come on Saturday and stay over to socialize if you really do want to see your invisible blogging friends.

3) If you travel pre-dawn to the festival with your sister who is NOT a morning person and not great with maps at any time of day, do not leave navigation up to her. 1008GZUCKER_  905
However, when you do get way off course and need to turn around several times, rejoice in the good fortune of this being the view, and this being underfoot.
1008GZUCKER_  928
Truthfully we left so early, getting off course didn't matter, and at one point we were laughing so hard we were both crying. That might have been enough to make it a spectacular day until:

4) You're at a fiber festival and this is a reasonable form of transportation
1008GZUCKER_  940 (1)

5)When you see yarn you adore, just make a decision and buy.1008GZUCKER_  1030
If you wait to think about it, you will be paralyzed with indecision (Ok, if you're me) and regret it later.

6) Unless of course it is Nanney Kennedy's booth, Seacolors. 1008GZUCKER_  1033and you know her well enough from camping out at her farm when we did her chapter of Shear Spirit to demand that she will be choosing yarn for you and sending it in the future, when you've returned to your senses. PS That's the Low Tide Crossover sweater (Rav link here) from the book, on the right.

6a, above) The Montana Tunic looks kind of cute under a jacket too. Something I'd been wondering about.

7) There's so much more than just yarn & fiber. Lulu, my navigationally challenged sis, now fully awake, was taken by felted hat selections
We both loved the one on the left for her but suspected that outside of a wool festival this might be a smidge more than normal for daily wear. But still.

8) A barn of booksignings is cool.1008GZUCKER_  954
Note to self:
if you are going to go up to Doris Chan and ask if she is Lily Chin, you are going to feel like an ass. Especially if you are then going to spend the next hour or so signing books at the table adjacent to hers. fwiw: Doris Chan is a sweetheart and so talented. She makes me want to seriously crochet.

9) Rhinebeck, or in my case, Winebeck- all I came home with was a bottle of Cranberry Wine from a tasting there. A fiber festival with a wine, cheese and local foods building- who knew?

10)But really? Forget the wine, the stunning weather, the yarn & wool & fleecey creatures. It's the wonderful people I got to meet & talk &hang out with & just share space with that made it such a perfect day. Mwah!


Carole Knits said...

I really did look for you on Sunday morning but we left before the book signing so I missed the one chance of finding you when I knew where you would be!

Cathy R said...

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all. I'll try not to whine or be jealous, since I DID just get to go to Taos.

Love your Montana Tunic (of course). I would think that collar-wrapping-direction should be a matter of choice anyway...

Both you and Joan looked uber-toasty in your sweaters and layers.

Anonymous said...

Man you look like you have so much fun!!!! Sorry I missed it, but we'll meet up at some point :)

(we have to! I have to show you my wedding pictures!!!)

the Lady said...


Thanks for the giggles. And nice sweaters!

Baby Beth said...

You and Lulu didn't happen to get the name of the crazy hat lady did you? I found a lady in Maryland and I loved her hats but I forgot to get a card...... :(

Anonymous said...

Hiya Gale and Joan!
It was wonderful to meet you both at Rhinebeck and hang for a little while. Please please tell your publisher that the mother of she (Sarah) who knitsatlandfills wants to see more delicious pix and stories about them-who-shears with spirit. The patrons of the Sheffield Library want more Shear Spirt too! :)
Barb....reevesrn at
:) :) :)

Scoutj said...

It was so great to meet you in person and give you a big ole hug!

Marsha said...

WOW! It looks like a good good time was had by all. Glad to see the finished Tunics, they look great!! I'm jealous of Rhinebeck too, wish they would have one further south. :o)

Mary Lou said...

If it weren't such a cute sweater, it would be really dorky -- looks like a great time. I'm making a couple more hats from the book as shop models, I'll get them into Ravelry as they are done.

twinsetellen said...

The frosty picture tells the story of a chilly Rhinebeck in a way all the handknits can't. Because, seriously, everyone would still be in layers of handknits if it were in the 80's, I'm pretty sure.

Anonymous said...

Gale -

Both of your tunics are GREAT! I really think that the beauty of this pattern is how good it looks on so many people.

Wear it with pride!!!