Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the past, a present

oh no, I can't really sound like that?
That's me chatting with the charming Guido Stein on Its a Purl, Man podcast.
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As in, what a gift ! Blog content sitting right here under my nose, um, actually on my shoulders. This is how happy I feel wearing my handspun alpaca shawl, knit last October. (full disclosure, I am portrayed here by a sister but I didn't have to coach her, it feels that good to be wrapped in this yarn)

I can finally show projects I test knit under shroud of secrecy feverishly and sometimes just barely competently last year while working on Shear Spirit.

A sister and niece passing through last weekend were invited bullied into modeling , you'll see them a few times in more of these posts.
pattern: Meseta Alta Shawl from Shear Spirit.
yarn: handspun alpaca from Victory Ranch. Luscious beyond belief.

For reference, here's the pattern shown in the book, knit by the designer for us.

notes: I made my brown shawl smaller intentionally than the one above , using (?) 430-ish yards of the heavy worsted weight handspun yarn, instead of the 700- ish yards of the lighter weight machinespun Victory Ranch alpaca shown in the book. The larger one is flowier and certainly more delicate looking but I adore mine, and its gotten a lot of wear. I like to make believe it's dressy but earthy may be the better adjective.

fun fact: see all that fringe? every inch of it was cut and attached to the shawl on a MetroNorth train enroute to a meeting in NY, I'd idiotically decided I had to have this shawl to wear and cut the timing too close. I 'd been fringing calmly for about 20 minutes after leaving the New Haven station when I did the math of how many fringes I had to do, how long it took me to apply each one - I think I decided it was 3 in every 2 minutes- and divided the remaining 90 minutes of the trip, and started to sweat...let's just say I looked like Lucy & Ethel in the candy factory. I bet I scared onlookers.

It was worth it.


Carole Knits said...

It looks terrific and cuddly!

Cathy R said...

Oooh, I'm working on that same shawl right now out of some localy grown alpaca. It is terribly addictive (both the yarn and the pattern) and I can't wait until it is done.

(As a matter of fact, I probably knit a little too much on it while I should have been studying for my final...)

gale said...

Hey Cathy R do you have a blog? I want to see it! Reading your post makes me want to knit another Meseta Alta, it is very addictive knitting. This time I'd go lighter weight.

Rebecca said...

oh what a darling shawl, i love it!

twinsetellen said...

>>I looked like Lucy & Ethel in the candy factory<<

And the shawls look just as delicious as the candy!

Mary Lou said...

Another lovely pattern from Shear Spirit - I keep finding another one
I really like when I open the book to show off. Yours looks great.

Carol said...

Oooh! lovely! I can see why you get alot of wear out of this one!

Cristina said...

Did you get through it with Vitameatavegamin? The shawl is intoxicating!

craftivore said...

Hah, I bet your scared away anyone who wanted to sit next to you on the train, which really is the goal, isn't it? The shawl is lovely.

Karen S said...

heh heh heh, you just made me smile with the thought of you fringing away in the train ;) I love that shawl, and actually plan to knit one for myself in my own hand-spun alpaca... just have to finish spinning first ;)