Monday, April 21, 2008

a pass off

You know things are bad when I title with a sports metaphor.
Better reading today over on our bookblog, come back here in a day or two when I have something fit for knitterly digestion!
not entirely irrelevant to what follows. although unrelated in time
What I really want to show you is a fun report from the book signing party in NY last week.
I haven't had a moment to put it together, I've been mostly in traffic between Washington DC & CT for the Passover holiday weekend. It was an overly dramatic ride each way-- heavy traffic augmented by a backseat teenaged size overdose of hideous fast food *(almost as revolting on the way in as it was spewed out voluminously in the car) heading south on Friday , and a shootout on I-95 on the way back last night.

At least I had a decent amount of knitting time in the passenger seat.

Wow, that was TMI, wasn't it?

* until just a couple of years ago we were all in synch , a mostly vegetarian natural foods loving family unit, but adolescence has a funny way of separating the hatfields from the mccoys in terms of eating choices. Although I overheard a couple of hatfields swearing off the golden arches after this ride.


the Lady said...

What an utterly sad shoot-out story. I guess you can be glad your kids are just eating yucky McDo's instead of killing themselves and others, eh?

I haven't eaten McDonald's for more than a decade, except a month ago my s.o. and I were STARVING in the a.m. during a road trip... let's just say we weren't happy campers either, later.

Lanea said...

Ahhh, the sprawl makes people sick and crazy yet again.

I generally lurk, but I want to congratulate you on your book. I'm very excited to hold it in my hot little hands some day very soon. Thank you for your gorgeous photos.

Mary Lou said...

The bitter herbs must have tasted good after that...

Kay said...

So I'm not the only one behind in my blogging!

Love the pic so much.


Need one of those on the west side.

xo Kay