Thursday, January 17, 2008

brit lit

Let's open with some Shakepeare
...there lies more peril in thine eye ,Than twenty of their swords.
Romeo and Juliet. ACT II Scene 2.

For a week, mine eye was imperiling poor Juliet. I tried her on . She was all wrong. A total rip out required. With no heart at that moment , I put her back in her bag. The next day: Hark! Juliet was hanging just fine in the important places. By the following dawn, in utter ambivalence over fit , I decided I was definitely going to need more yarn to finish at a flattering length.
A few phone calls and another try-on: well, with some tugging during blocking, should be plenty of yarn left , ahem, as you can see. Since no more of this color is at the LYS. Juliet was politely invited to take a beauty nap for a few days.
I've scrutinized all of the Juliets over on Ravelry - and that's MANY- sussing out what is wrong, fit-wise, with the unflattering ones. I may have hit every one of those Don't-Dos. I didn't take into account the amount of vertical stretch that was going to happen once the "skirt" of the pattern was added , weight-wise, to the garter stitch top. When the top ends as an empire waist, just under the boobage to get technical, it looks stylish. When the garter stitch area extends to just above your waist, you've gone granny. With some coaching, I'm going to block unfinished and do garter surgery.

While I let myself wander in a haze of indecision over Juliet's fate, I knit this Noro striped hat.
Same as last time , yarn & repeats wise, except it's is a 2x2 rib, 88 stitches on size 7 needles. For Dave, who never gets anything new finished for him.
I declared this the year of making some things for Dave. I think that's vague enough to leave me room for success. Right?


Mary Lou said...

Sure, if the Juliet doesn't fit you it could be a whole new look for him!

Carole Knits said...

Oh definitely. It's important to have attainable goals. ;-)

cosymakes said...

yeah, ben never gets anything either ;)

and you've inspired me... into knit something for ben year.