Wednesday, March 23, 2005

dimanche is for strolling

I'm back from Montreal to testify that, should you ever need a destination for a long walk in the Plateau Mont Royal neighborhood, the yarn store Magasin de Fibre LB is your choice. Just don't do it on Sunday. Or else, like me, you'll be standing with your nose pressed against the window, wondering why its the only shop on the block with no hours listed next to the word dimanche.

Honestly? I was relieved . This place sells yarn by the pound. You choose your fibers and colors, and they ply it right there. Just for you. Imagine the possibilities! But looking at the hundreds of cones on shelves- and I mean hundreds- I realized the combined effort of translating the only-in-french words, and the meters-to -yards, and the $CD to $USD all while making a color/fiber/plying decision would cause my brain to explode, splattering all the lovely fibres and causing an international KNITTING RELATED INCIDENT.

Instead we reversed our stroll and had a springtime sidewalk Montreal treat: sugar on snow. The propietor ladles hot maple syrup on ice and as it turns to taffy , you roll it up as a strip onto your stick. mmm-hmmm.

Anyway, I really didn't need any yarn, because Mason-Dixon Ann has got me fixated on this cotton Blue Heron yarn, in Old Gold,
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as my next purchase, when I am ready to take the Clapotis shawl onto my needles for spring.

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Ann said...

Now THAT's what I call a colorway. I love it--so burnished and coppery and metallic even though it's cotton. Get on it! It'll make a fantastic Clapotis. Get those boys some doves for distraction; if it gets dicey, you roast 'em up for a supper. The birds, not the boys, of course.

LOL about your tactics for gaining time in the LYS. There's a Baskin-Robbins down the strip mall from Threaded Bliss Yarns here. Enough said.