Friday, February 18, 2005

feeling rusty?

Maybe I am.

This is what I'm working on: an Elsebeth Lavold design, Torgeir, in her Silky Wool yarn. The color: Ferrous Red, which is rust in plain English. I love this yarn, and when Dave took me up on the offer to make him a sweater, after a decade long lapse from his last handknit, I cast on.

Life being what it is , my mind sometimes...drifts. And the varying cables & motifs drift with it. So its knit 4 rows, rip back one half. huh.

The obvious solution: start a more simple-minded sweater, for nights when I'm feeling more simple-minded. Who am I kidding? Its an excuse to make myself a Ribbed Cardi, in the darkish orange shade, (seen larger in the accidentally blogged solo photo post preceding this one). Which you'll notice, can also be called...rust.

Its heading off in the car with us for a long trip later today, so should look noticeably more sweater-like next week.

Good thing this definitely unrusty hat is waiting on the sidelines:

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