Wednesday, November 11, 2015

november post 9: phone photos phorever

I resisted my phone camera for a long time, but when I finally fell for it, I fell hard.  The basic quality is quite good, and I don't need to tell you how easy it is to just hold it in your palm, take a picture and slide it back into your pocket.  Add some free and powerful apps and I'm amazed at what photos I can create.  You can, too. Join me at Fibre Space in Alexandria VA  on Thursday night 6-9 and we'll make iphone/smartphone masterpieces, together. Go grab one of the last seats, now!*
My Instagram looks like this. The class will cover making images that jump out on the social media. You can see I included work, play, family, knit-related  I pretty much stay away from looking down at my lunch plate and shooting it although if you like to, we can cover that too. I won't judge ;-)  We'll talk about how to make the best , strongest images, how to quickly edit them in your phone, and some apps that help you create a signature look, or add depth of field to mimic a DSLR shot ( as in my fortune cookie image,  and in the shot of Zoe with the dog--you can see how the chairs are defocussed--by me).

* this is a fun class to bring along a friend , whether they are knitters or not. Who knows. they may succumb to the charms of Fibre Space and become one of us.

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margene said...

If I lived anywhere in the area I would be at one of your classes in a heartbeat! I love following you on Instagram!