Monday, November 30, 2015

november post 16: in which we go on about colorwork

My new grey sweater is blocking, and my head is turned by colorwork. I love me a colorful project, and I'm thrilled that the lopapeysa/scandanavian/fair isle designs are popping up fresh like mushrooms after a good rain. Just looking through sweaters I've been up-close-and-personal with on photoshoots gives me crazy good options to consider..
clockwise: Bridget Pullover by Michele Rose Orne from Swans Island Yarn, Asymptote (womens version) from Modern Lopi by Lars Rains, Gulfoss by Cap Sease, from Green Mountain Spinnery

I like to always have a sweater on the needles and I am, for the moment, unfinished sweater- free. No way! We'll ignore the other UFO's that aren't sweaters and return to the sweater-starting task at hand.... here's even more color-y colorwork:
Phoebe Hat from Swans Island Yarn and Hildur by Lars Rains, Modern Lopi

Or graphic and modern and monochromatic-ish.... both below, on my to-do-list-for sure (I mean, c'mon, they are hats, they'll be done before I notice I'm knitting them)
Contrariwise by Elizabeth Elliott, and Trig, by Mary Lou Egan.

And that is not even looking at the patterns I didn't photograph.......or the mitts. 

So while I stew in my indecision juices for a day or two, I cast on another L'Arbre Hat. Solid.


Carole said...

I've knit colorwork mittens and hats but never a sweater - I'd be overwhelmed by that, I think.

Mary Lou said...

According to Skacel's new promotional material for shops, you are the designer of the Trig Hat. Good job!

margene said...

I like the colors and the cardigans, the hats and mittens! You're a fabulous photographer (but we knew that)!

Beverly said...

I want to wear them all! I'm thinking Stopover is my colorwork entry, though I'm digging that cardi you posted!

Ellen Bloom said...

Yikes! COLORWORK! Uh oh. You may have to pay attention. Go easy on yourself and use a self-striping Noro with a neutral yarn and do a slip-stitch pattern. LOVE those photos!