Friday, November 06, 2015

november post 6: gyre- and 1 week till Fibre Space

Less than a week till I'm at Fibre Space in Alexandria VA, Nov 12 & 13th 
Thurs evening 6-9 : SmartPhone Photoclass . Not just for knitters, it's a fast, fun, phone photo class.Bring a friend!
Fri 10-5  Photo for Knitters & Makers - Tips, tricks, shooting, editing, critiquing - we'll do it all, click links for both classes' details. Limited spaces left! See you there.
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 Last month, I photographed Gyre by Elizabeth Elliott.  If you love it as much as I do, you'll be glad to know she's got it on sale on Ravelry till November 10th. This is the same person who brought you Contrariwise, by the way. She's good.

It's lined, not some kind of insane double knitting There is something so playful-or maybe slightly subversive-about the simple stripes paired with the baroque curlicues. Added bonus- no exposed floats of yarn or ends to weave in. They are hidden between the layers. Gotta love that.
If you want to keep it simple--or lighter weight--the pattern is also written for just the swirly side , no lining. 

In a perfect world, I'd finish my gray sweater and cast on for this tomorrow. I have some dark red and pumpkin-y orange yarn that're begging me to pair them up. What?  Doesn't your yarn talk to you? I've got several skeins that all but scream at me for attention when I walk by them......

Many thanks to Ariana for stepping in and modeling again.



Beverly said...

What a cool pattern!!

Mary Lou said...

No insane double knitting. I hear ya! Great pattern.

margene said...

My yarn puts out way too much noise, but yours talk in color pairing that sound exciting!

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful cowl....Love it...