Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov post 10: TRIP MITTS sneak peek

See you tomorrow night or Friday at Fibre Space? Hope so!
I brought these mitts with me,in fact I brought a ton of knits with me for my trip to teach at Fibre Space. Next to a fiber festival, teaching at a yarn shop is THE place to wear multiple handknits, right? It was chilly when I left Connecticut. So happy to get off the train in DC in warmer weather! The mitts are perfect in the early morning but my sweaters and cowls may not get much of an outing, after all. Anyway,  these are the Trip Mitts, a new pattern that I'll publish next week. Blogging every day and publishing a pattern? who am I????
The Trip Mitts, knit in Anzula Oasis. Details to come!


margene said...

The mitts look very YOU and they look warm and cozy, too! They're just the thing to tuck in a bag and have ready to wear when the weather turns.

Mary Lou said...

They are great! And how nice you had a model all ready to go...