Monday, November 23, 2015

november post 14: aristida shawl

To distract from the daily blogging month fail last week, I'll show my Aristida Shawl.
Finished since May--and yet, somehow, never a good shot of it. I adore it, I wear it often, but it remains a photo enigma. This attempt, above, photo credit to  Ellen Mason, when we were on Nash Island for the sheep roundup in early June. Wet weather delayed shearing, so we spent the day just being there. It was heavenly. And...windy. You can see two delightful aspects of this shawl: bobble and fringe. In fact, these are the  two reasons I had to knit it.
I'm a lousy model,and pairing my drapey, lovely, watery blue shawl with several layers of loose fitting shirts and a baggy, sheep-drooly sweater is crazy. But I have the best reason- it was chilly and the day started at dawn in the rain, on a lobster boat. The lambs are adorable, though. I think we can all agree on that. The shawl was knit in Manos Fino, a 70/30 wool /silk single spun yarn that made every stitch of this a joy. It's a two skein shawl, it took well into the 2nd skein to complete the fringe. Fringe, I love you, but you're a yardage hog.
Another odd styling view of my Aristida Shawl, this shot from Kirsten Kapur Through the Loops. When temperatures plummeted while in Ohio for the TNNA show, Kirsten offered me a skein of The Fibre Company Cumbria to warm my neck. I kind of love this look, to be honest. So effortless! Also , take this moment to once again admire my bobbles.
Nash  sheep parade around the island in first light of the day, before 5 am. It's magical.


Carole said...

You have a style all your own and it's perfect. Beautiful shawl and adorable sheep, too!

margene said...

You are a great model as you look like you're having fun! Love the shawl and the setting for the shoot is fabulous!

Mary Lou said...

No comment on the shawl. But those sheep in the early morn!

glongley said...

That is one of my dreams to go to a Inland in Maine and see beauthful sheep. I live in Maine so I'm closer then some. Love your work you do would love to take one of your classes. Your knitting friend Gale