Thursday, November 05, 2015

november post 5: TBT red scarf project- returns

On the Throw Back Thursday bandwagon - back to Nov 2010..... I was going to post about the Red Scarf Project today, anyway. It's  time to knit or crochet this year's donation to support foster kids going it on their own in college. But I said it well before. The need hasn't changed at all. Only links have been updated, for back we go 5 years this week.....
How convenient !I needed something to show, 5133_GaleZuckerRTrip1110
and last week's pitstop near DC caught my mom with three scarves she & her buddy Claire knit for this year's Foster Care to Success (formerly the Orphan Foundation)  Red Scarf Project, (linked to guideline) which sends a handknit red scarf to approximately  2500 former foster kids now attending college. FYI:  The scarves should be sent to the FOSTER CARE TO SUCCESS (FCTS) office by December 15th, they get sorted and mailed on Valentine's Day.*
 This one is knit from the same Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted in Wine Splash I showed last week, she can't remember which scarf pattern,  it was a 2 or 4 row repeat she downloaded. The red tweed one was Claire's; Claire said she had trouble following her directions, so the stitch is not  as it was supposed to  be but it looks pretty good in a different way. 
The last one is Wavy, from Knitty 06, in Cascade 220 superwash.  Although Leo is a  Miami-based college student who doesn't need a woolly scarf and, anyway, eschews handknits (I know!? let's not go there!) he modeled it  to prove that it looks pretty good on a guy even if he's making faces..
• red or non-gender color yarn, any weight except super bulky (it mails in a fed ex box)
• any knit , crocheted or woven pattern that suits either gender. Lacy, not so much.
• 5-8" wide, about 60" or so long
The folks at the FC2S offices  are not weighing and measuring with scientific instruments, it's guidelines, don't fret! Send them by December 15 and feel good. Or, you can feel just as good by sending a donation of gift cards or money to suport the kids who have no "home" to call for reinforcements. Go, cast on for one. Or send. Today.
A few remaining red leaves. Just for inspiration. Doncha love red with light blue?


Mary Lou said...

This is a great blast from the past! I have such fond memories of the project, since it is how we 'met' - I hope I didn't give away all of my red yarn.

Beverly said...

I'm going to see if my Sunday crochet group wants to make red scarves! Thanks for reminding us about this project!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Whoa! Yeah, that's a blast from the past! Thanks for the reminder. :)

kt said...

Looks like the Harlot's handspun pattern...gorgeous, whatever it is !