Thursday, February 18, 2010

still knitting

0210FamVar_0030Though you'd never know it from the lack of my talking about it, some sock action. 
I'm doing another book with Joan Tapper,  I should remember from last time: working on a crafts/knitting book is in inverse proportion to how much crafting & knitting time you have for yourself.  Oh, the irony. 
When I received this yarn (ignore that link! edited a few days later, I found the ballband, its Dyenamics Yarn, I think in the colorway Farmers Market) in a swap , the knitter relieved of it was, well, truly relieved. She assured me she was tired of the colorway, showed me mittens & socks she'd knit from it, gladly waving buhbye. She may have gone so far as avoided further eye contact, in case I changed my mind and handed it back.
I think I understand. While I am loving the Wesh Traveling Sock (ravelry link) pattern, the colorway is doing the opposite of growing on me. It's sort of like dulled down Wonder Bread.
This here? My carrot on a stick yarn, Manos Rittenhouse, it is merino, plied and it will be a new slouchy hat, as soon as I get the sock done.Or, maybe sooner.
• • • • • • • • •
ps. There's a contest at JessaLu's blog celebrating her 5th blogiversary.  Go check it out,  give her a high five. As I read her entry, a thought trickled in, I checked my dates. This week is mine, too.  Really? Five years?


Diane said...

Wow, those socks are, um, colorful. :-D The blue is really peaceful in comparison. Congrats on #5, I always enjoy seeing what's going on with you.

Mary Lou said...

Them there socks are a mighty festive way to celebrate your blogiversary. You could put them aside to only work on on cloudy dull days....

Turtle said...

Lol, they remind me of Cinco De Mayo socks! I actually don't mind the stockinette part though.

Loving your carrot!

Carole Knits said...

That's a beauty of a sock! Congrats on your 5 years. I missed my 5 years last month. Whoops!

JessaLu said...

Congrats on the book!

Thanks for the mention! :o)

Cathy R said...

I must be weird. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sock yarn. Must get some.

('Cause I need more sock yarn).

(in wild and crazy colors).

YAY new book!!! Hope it is going well.

Karen said...

I have never met a rainbow yarn I didn't like - those socks of yours are just smashing! Inspires me to go dig up some of the rainbows in my sock yarn treasury and knit some of them. After my knitting Olympics project is done, of course.

woolanthropy said...

Love the rainbow heel on that there sock. Good luck on the new book & finding some good knit time for yourself as well.

twinsetellen said...

Congratulations on 5 years of great content.

The sock colorway is happy, but simple, really - I could see where one pair of socks in it would be enough; the Manos is dreamy and subtle - one could knit it forever.