Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the lil bit longer workshop

Photography for Knitters  Workshop action 10-4 this past Sunday at Knit New Haven
Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4There was a whole lotta shooting going on.
Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4

We played around with different background colors & patterns for yarn & fiber.Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4
This one's a beautifully subtle Noro striped scarf by Linda (Reiswear is her Rav name.) It's a creamy natural Cascade Wool/Silk with a skein of the ever present Silk Garden. I want to knit a shawl with these two yarns now.
Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4
I am trying to revive the floating  humans look, enough of all this white space everywhere. I know you're sitting there trying to figure out what patterns Rebecca is wearing above, aren't you? They are her own designs, you can bug her at her blog , Archiknist, to write them up.
Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4
Bad weather kept us mostly inside. But not entirely.
We had a  a wonderful camera ready  Central Park Hoodie model.

Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4 I used to love looking at those I Spy books with my sons, I  think this is the knitters' version. How many handknits can you count? In fact I think I want to shoot a knitting pattern booklet that's all knitters in handknits shooting other knitters in handknits. Classic Elite, are you listening?
At the end of the day we had a slideshow of everyones' work, you can see some  here and here.(scrolldown).   Some fabulous images. I can't believe how lucky I am to keep getting talented, enthusiastic and kind knitters in these workshops. Fun! Thanks to the Sunday crowd for playing along.
Photo Workshop for Knitters 10-4
Special shout out thanks to Becca, our Nutmeg Knitter, who was willing to chill for the cause.


Carole Knits said...

Sounds like another great workshop. I think doing a whole day is a great idea - we didn't have enough time for everything!

Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! The workshop looks like it was amazing! I love the idea of shooting handknits by people wearing handknits and everyone shooting at once!

that reminds me...I promise to get started on MY project tonight!

Cathy R said...

Oh, it looks like fun. The photo of the blue yarn on the blue background and the Orange yarn on the Black/White background are QUITE striking.

Mmmmmm. Must start thinking more about blog photography.

After I find my missing camera cord.

Laura said...

Oh WOW, I really want to take this workshop, do you have a schedule of where you are teaching? It's worth a roadtrip for sure!

woolanthropy said...

Your workshops look like so much fun. We need to get you out to LA for one.

Kym said...

Oh, I want to come to a workshop! It looks like a fabulous, fabulous time -- with lots of good learnin' going on, too!

BeccaH said...

I had a fantastic time at the workshop (even outside being a sweater model) - I would take it again and again! I'm now thinking about how to better stage the photos and looking for the light... Thank you again!

Mary Lou said...

We can all inundate elite or nora gaughan with requests for your booklet idea. It's a good one.

gayle said...

What a wonderful workshop! Looks like everyone had a blast, even with bad weather.
Love your booklet idea...

Gotta Knit! said...

That is a great idea! Please come to Knitch in Atlanta and do a class there.

Jennifer said...

What a great concept for a class! It's adorable seeing the photos of people taking pictures.