Sunday, January 03, 2010

on un-convening

Iris Cafe, Brooklyn Heights NY lunch
Doesn't the first Monday of the new year feel like you're plunging back into the water after a break out on the floating dock?
I'm jumping in with plans of happy collaborations. There's the new book project with Joan Tapper (my Shear Spirit co-author)  about craft & knitting & community & action. It gives me the chance to collaborate with a bunch of folks I enjoy and  admire. And to travel!  There's the upcoming Photography for  Knitters Workshops, (btw? New Haven on January 24 only has 2 seats left but Hartford area on January 16, come on down, plenty of room).
I even took a leap of faith and signed on for Fiber Camp Boston next weekend, January 9 & 10.   Do you know about this? It's  an Un-conference for knitters &  spinners. Another brainchild of the Common Cod Fiber Guild.  I have to admit at first feeling partly confused and partly not quite cool enough. An un-conference? There's no staff, it's crowd sourced. Umm, yes, really.  You register online. That part's not  hard at all. Then you look to see what classes are being offered, in 1/2 hour or 75 minute sessions.  It's updated all the time.  Or you can teach any class you want- you describe it in advance on the wiki that's linked online to the home page, and people comment on whether they're interested. Or you can list a class you're dreaming of taking and someone might offer it. Anyone who signs up can teach. When you get there you can take any class that's listed until it fills up on the board. I haven't seen anything about pairing wines with what yarn you're knitting but if they offer a tasting, I am all over it.
Sounds so crazy it might just work. The oddness of going in and editing the website to join in might be putting some folks off. Do not fret! Somehow it's going to all fall in place, and the fee to play is small.  You can't actually break the wiki. If you put something in the wrong spot, it'll get edited by someone else correcting the flow. So very MMX isn't it?
I offered to teach Photographing FO's on Real People Models, on Saturday, if you're interested in playing along for 75 minutes.  Bring your camera, of course. Maybe I'll see you there?


Mary Lou said...

I'll be interested to hear how the unconference goes - still working on conference in MN in the new year.

Vicki Knitorious said...

That Unconference sounds AWESOME!! I hadn't heard of it -- and can't wait to hear how it goes.

craftivore said...

I checked out the Fiber Camp website too, it looked interesting but also a bit inscrutable. I couldn't figure out what time things would be happening but it looks intriguing. What time is your photo class?

Cookie said...

Not cool enough?!

You are my Gale! You are beyond cool enough, honey. Do not make me come over there.

Cathy R said...

Sounds like a really fun time at the Unconference. Wish I could be there.

I'm definately falling behind on my stalker duties. :-)

Anonymous said...

You need to come visit us. I love your style!
Jill aka Tink