Friday, January 01, 2010

one day doesn't make a trend. right?

Maybe the cosmos heard me saying something over tequila drinks last night ,like" yup, not sad to see 2009 end at all. Sucky year, looking forward to this new one, yup, sure am."

Because I think it's possible  there's a little cosmic yucking it up going on.
By 6:30 am , day 1 2010,  I was awake and helping a spectacularly sick* 16 yo .  And when I say spectacularly here,  I am sparing you the details that'd cause unpleasant gagging on your part.
Back to sleep.  By 9 am, my mom had called to say my aunt had passed away.  It wasn't a surprise. But it was still sad.
After that, we  pretty much bagged plans for the day.  Figuring staying home inside watching movies all day would help us avoid things falling out of the sky and stuff like that. Besides we could observe our son turning shades of green up close personal.
It wasn't all a  bummer  My sister sent this phone cam shot of my niece in the birthday One Way Trip scarf. She likes it!  She looks a little tired here but give the girl a break- it was new years and her 21st birthday last night.

Aside from being a total knockoff of the Madden scarf, they said it looked like  Urban Outfitters , a little like the one linked. And it isn't too far off from this at Anthropologie.

I'm realizing I could totally get into knocking off other scarves from those sites, like the lightweight black one with all the crazy pom poms along the edge. Could be fun.
So. Day 2, 2010,  looking to be better. Bring it on.
*stomach virus, not party induced, requiring real sympathy


Mandy said...

I hope your day 2 is better! Love the scarf, too.

Anonymous said...

I hope your son feels better soon! There are a lot of those going around. My mother in law and brother in law had them also! and they are in IL!

Love the scarf! And that other one is totally do-able! :)

north021884 said...

I certainly HOPE 1 day doesn't make a trend or I'm screwed for this decade as well.

Love the scarf.

Looked thru the Anthropologie site & saw the (very expensive, as most things Anthropologie are) Pockets-A-Plenty scarf. Anyone try to replicate that yet? Any thoughts on good yarns to use?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...
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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Hi North02 etc,
That pockets one caught my eye too. Very cool looking (maybe impractical to wear?) A simple yarn like cascade 220 would work or maybe something dk weight.

Cookie said...

Oh, Gale, I'm so sorry that the year is having such a rocky start. I hope your son is feeling better soon and able to handle the BRAT diet soon.

What a beautiful niece! She looks great in her new scarf.


twinsetellen said...

Knowing that life is a cycle doesn't always keep it from sticking a bit. I am sorry about the loss of your aunt, at the same time I am enjoying seeing the extended family that stretches out from her and you.


Mary Lou said...

Sympathies on the loss of your aunt. And maybe all of 2010's barfing is over and done with!