Thursday, January 14, 2010

tossing off FOs & catching ZZZs

Red Scarf action!  Linda & June at their shop,  Knit New Haven, hoisting this year's harvest of red scarves. Let me tell you, those are some really, really nice scarves. Since I was heading down to DC and was going to see the OFA folks, I personally delivered them. You sent yours, right? If not, you're one scarf ahead for next year, just remember where you put it till then.
My two scarves were finished and amongst the delivered.  I kind of hid the striped one in the bottom, it was looking more rustic and folksy by the minute. No need to reassure me, I have faith a rustic, folksy loving student will be matched with it.  It's just that there were so many lovely, very polished looking knits. The top one is my worsted weight version of the Gathered Scarf designed by Maryse. Great pattern! Considering  it involves increasing , decreasing & changing needle size- not difficult but a little bit more time consuming than your straight knit- it still seems to be an uber quick knit. The ruches add high entertainment value, that must be it. I might try an  even chunkier one for myself, just for funs. Or see what happens if you knit it as a tube ina lighter weight.
I also knit a thick cowl for myself that I've failed to shoot, it's starting to look a little worn so I'd best hurry that one up. Me not finding a way to take a photo of an FO is so ridiculous, I shot 1000 images in the last two days but no, sorry, too hard to include a cowl. L-A-M-E.1109famVar_527
A carbohydratey FO. Soon as it got chilly in November I was back with the breads from that work of genius Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes. I've been doing different filled breads for a while, sometimes cinnamon & brown sugar, sometimes cheese or vegetables or both. Rarely do they come out as evenly swirled as this one, usually there are unsightly bulges. So I have to show it. . It's the Eurpean Peasant Bread recipe with sundred tomatoes and sharp cheddar baked in. And very super crusty (extra cornmeal on it.) FYI you can't go wrong with that filling. Stuff your old shoes with sundried tomatoes & sharp cheddar and bake: also good.
You know what else is taking up my time? Sleeping. I jumped right on Ann and Arianna's bandwagon. Soon all those REM will result in a thinner, cheerier me. With less problems remembering stuff. If it works, I'll be able to remember to tell you about it.


Ellen Bloom said...

You bake bread too? You never cease to amaze me, Gale. The bread looks do your scarves!

The mutli-color scarf that Linda is wearing in the first photo was one of the patterns I wanted to make once and never did...gorgeous!

Mary Lou said...

Bread, sleep and knitting. Only thing missing seems to be chocolate. i slept 8 hours last night. EIGHT!! Will this be the new competition, replacing those who brag they can get by on 4 hours?

Archiknist said...

Hey, I made my first bread from that book yesterday/this morning, and it's yummy! With the added bonus of warming up the house.

I have plenty of worn out sneakers if you want to test your theory about sundried tomatoes and cheddar.

Cathy R said...

The scarves are lovely (I especially like the one that the lady on the left is wearing).

Your bread looks devine. In the past month, I have turned three different people "on" to that book.

I'm trying the sleep thing as well. We shall see. Currently, I just feel tired. But, given the amount of work that has been going on, that is to be expected.

Norma said...

I'm lucky in that I sleep, and sleep enough and sleep well. This has definitely not always been the case (I spent a couple decades or more as a bona fide insomniac), but I am a huge believer in its health and beauty and happiness benefits!

Those pics of scarves (and that BREAD) are good for the soul!

craftivore said...

One of these days I'm going to catch one of workshops and figure out how you make all your photos look so happy.

twinsetellen said...

I, too, am trying to prioritize sleep and have done somewhat better than usual this last week. It feels good! So will prioritizing getting a Red Scarf knit this year. That ruched one looks fun to knit, and the stripey one is just total fun.