Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a net

is not as slimming as one would hope for a sweater fabric. But I'm still happy.
I like a rumply cardigan I looked too buttoned down when I had it buttoned up.
pattern: Annette from Knitty Summer 2009
yarn: the lamentably discontinued Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed
(that there is a link to a place that seems to have it in stock. Pounce!)
needles: size 6 us
notes: I started this in the sunshiney days believing I was knitting a sweater a month in 09. In late July I thought it'd be a wonderful cap sleeved little cardi to wear over a black tank top. It became an autumn knit and long sleeves were obviously the way to go. First I knit a long sleeve using the diameter of the short cap sleeve in the pattern. It was wide & blocky. Starting over wanting a fitted sleeve, I cast on 41 stitches and knit it up from the cuff, increasing gradually until I'd reached the cap sleeve diameter in the pattern.

Funny yet embarrassing story: I was seaming the sleeves at SnB, and my friend the Archiknist, who designs fabulous sweaters & has an analytical eye, wondered why the sleeves weren't designed to be knit in the round. I agreed with her, and then said I wish I'd thought of that, and we even had an extended conversation on how lazy designers could be, not wanting to write out a 4 row lace stitch pattern in the round vs back & forth as in the cardi body, tsk tsk tsk. I was looking at the seams and the way the increases on the sleeve row edges were forming solid little stockinette islands along the inner arm seam, I was thinking that the designer could've maybe been more clever with that, too.

Then it struck me. She didn't design
any long sleeves at all. It was my idea to knit them flat and to increase on the seam. Forehead smack. Thwack!
And, Ok, Lulu was right about the buttons.I guess she saw the writing on the wall. Very smart.

If you are coming to Make Mine Local in Boston Friday night, the indie fashion show put on by the Common Cod Fiber Guild, you might just catch me wearing this. See you there?
Sweater photos posed by my new favorite coffee shop. Vegan BLT's? what is not to love?


Lisa said...

Love the sweater and the long sleeves, and those buttons...smart! Thanks for the linky to purchase some of the yarn, I going to be a proud owner soon. :)

woolanthropy said...

The sweater really turned out great and the buttons are really very smart.

Cathy R said...

Wow. That color is great on you, especially with the blue shirt peeping through.

Diane said...

Glad you heeded the writing on the wall....nice FO. If I could knit as fast as I think I can when I'm contemplating a new project, I'd be able to knit a full outfit in a week.

Ellen Bloom said...

Just stand up straighter or wear high-heeled clogs...the sweater will have a slimmer look! hah!

LOVE the color on you and THOSE buttons...faboo!..the fit looks good to me.

Annette should be perfect for layering this winter!

Turtle said...

love the sweater! reminds me of spring when not layered! mmmm, boston and vegan blt's....(and coffee!)

craftivore said...

Beautiful! The color is wonderful on you.

weeble wobble said...

woohoo! Finished! I think it looks great, and that pic of you is pretty fantastic btw. -Katy

twinsetellen said...

It's a great sweater. It looks like one you can live in.