Thursday, November 05, 2009

do handknit socks reduce stress?

Abandoned buildings and businesses along downtown Bridgeport CT's Main Street, on a business day mid-afternoon.
You wanna talk stressed? Bridgeport CT is stressed. I still like to look at it though.
Last week a reporter from called me, writing about professions identified as being high stress compared to the level of pay. I figured she was looking to talk about the stress of working as a commercial photographer in this cruddy economy. It turns out the stress factors identified are deadlines, crazy, weird or precarious working conditions, unpredictable budgets while keeping clients happy and the pressure of needing to always produce fabulous work.

Really? These are things I like about the job. A little chaos is good, that's my motto.
So here I am as the commercial photographer poster child. When's the last time you saw handknit socks on CNN ?


Cookie said...

That is seriously cool! Even if they aren't socks I knit. :p


Ellen Bloom said...

I always knew you were a STAR. That's why I started stalking you!

Excellent photos, by the way!

DonnaW said...

Congrats on the article. That is a great pic and so cool the socks are handknit. You are an inspiration to the rest of us wishing for freedom from the humdrum job that causes us too much stress. :-)

Turtle said...

too cool on the socks!.... that is the way i remember bridgeport.

Anonymous said...

Ha! High stress compared to pay = commission knitter. Crap pay, incredibly tight deadlines, and then they don't even pay you! Sorry, I may be a little bitter there. Very cool article.

Mandy said...

That's a great pic of you! And handknit socks puts it over the top!

Mary Lou said...

Something i read once said job stress is related to how many decisions you have to make and questions you have to answer during the day. The article rated kindergarten teacher as most stressful!

Cathy R said...

Ooooh, fantastic!

That is a great article.

We are one month and eight days away from the start of the move into the new building.

I could do with a little less chaos, thanks.