Saturday, June 06, 2009

still one more day

Not sure why but it's been two straight days of STUFF. Errands, chores, fixing, delivering, picking up, planting, pulling.But not knitting. I'd really like to knit.

The embroidery floss shelf at the local store I hit twice for spray paint, and trash bags. And radish seed, because of Norma. I love that there's still a family owned variety store I can shop at, the local evil WallyM*art hasn't knocked them out. I love their half aisle of needlecraft supplies, brought to you here by the iphone cam. (yup, still in love).

One reason I'd really like to do some knitting is I ordered yarn for the Sage Remedy top & it arrived. I want to finish that cardi before I cast on for the next sweater. But that's another post.
Asparagus with garlic ready for the grill. Phone cam again. I'm sure I'll stop with this soon.
Friday night , late, was my high tide shift tagging horseshoe crabs over at the beach for Project Limulus. It was pouring rain, 56 degrees and the water isn't even 60 degrees yet. My outfit included wool socks (NOT those, don't worry), water shoes, tights, sweats, a wool sweater and a rain parka. Attractive, no? You end up in the water up to your knees, and then reaching down to grab the crabs soaks your arms. And my flashlight, of course, to peer into the dark water and find my pre historic friends to pull them up and tag them. Most are firmly in the middle of mating, and I mean this literally, which is why they are in shallow enough water to be grabbable. It's all very bizarre. I pulled up a threesome, SCORE!

So, for Sunday--another horseshoe crab tagging shift, more chores, more this, more that. Maybe two mohair sleeve caps. One can dream.


livnletlrn said...

Hey, I have a friend in E. Haddam who goes to the shore to tag horseshoe crabs too!

Chris said...

What a hoot! Tagging passionate crabs. Curious - why?

Carole Knits said...

A threesome? Who knew!

Mary Lou said...

I worked in a store like that in HS - too bad there are so few of them left. I like the fact that radishes grow so fast, but I can only eat a few of them then i get bored. Be sure to post radish recipe pix, maybe I'll get inspired.

Ellen Bloom said...

Horseshoe crabs? Huh? You eastcoasters have such unusual hobbies. LOL.

We have a few "general" stores like yours left in L.A. Landis Dept. Store in Larchmont Village (near Hollywood) is getting smaller, but you can still get yarny "notions" there!

twinsetellen said...

It is great you are tagging horseshoe crabs! Thanks from another resident of the globe.

And as for radishes - I chop them up and toss them into various stir-fries or other sauteed blends, even scrambled eggs. A little crunch, a little heat, and it uses up what, as Mary Lou points out, can otherwise get a little dull to eat straight.

craftivore said...

Who knew horseshoe crabs were so randy, are they ambi-sexual or are there males and females? Old general stores are so great, they have a smell all their own.

Meg McG said...

Hey, I embroidered one thing, once and promptly bought 870 colors of floss, cards and a box to hold them from Richlin's! Gotta say, I think some of it had been sittin' there since the last time I was in buying floss to knot up friendship bracelets for my sisters back in 1987 when I lived up the street!