Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Where have I been?
summer knitting
Hiding out in Deadwood. Thirteen hours worth so far, with another 20 something to go. Completely addictive. Whoa do they cuss. I am outranked by far. Even my fifteen year old, who swears like a longshoreman, thinks the extremely evil and aptly surnamed Al Swearingen overdoes the F-bomb.
summer knitting
Yup,that and the Sage Remedy Top (ravlink). The neckline will have stitches picked up and a little rolled finish. I kind of like the old fashioned feather-and-fan with the deconstructed edge it has now.

And, reading crafters blogs. I'm liking the ReadyMade, Bizarre Bazaar and Renegade Craft Fair kind of crafters. Same with the sewers. Got any of those kind of crafting blogs you love? Send me the links!

And watching the flowers grow like crazy thanks to torrential rains. Sunshine welcome. Any day now.


Jodi said...

The top's looking great! I'm almost done with the front myself -- I'm doing a garter edge instead of ribbing (or a rolled edge).

Ellen Bloom said...

Oh-Ho! Deadwood! One of my fave HBO shows! It was a top-rated show, but only lasted a few seasons. Actually, the town of Deadwood only lasted about 2 years. We're so authentic here at HBO.

LOVE the violet top! You're cranking this one out quickly!

My fave crafty blog is mostly knit, crochet and sewing...The Purl Bee: http://www.purlbee.com/

Mary Lou said...

I haven't seen Deadwood, but that's the kind of thing that's great for the summer, must effing check it out. I like Whip Up, for skimming ideas and traveling to other crafty blogs.

Hey did you get my email about Wolf Hat for free at Canadian living?

Kay said...

Did they really use the eff bomb in the effing olden tymes?

Not familiar with the show, obviously. For me it's just my DVRd cache of neverending Craig Ferguson.

What I want to effing know is whether those pleats on the front of the top were the result of the feather & fan alone or some additional needlewitchery.

Yours curiously, and also I too love the fancy f & f combined with the modern deconstructed edge. It's avant garde and very cool.

How cute would this be on a little girl?

xoxo Kay

Barbara Jacksier said...

Top looks gorgeous. SInce my garden is filled with purple echinacea at the moment (which is really magenta), perhaps I'll stitch myself a version called echinacea remedy.

gayle said...

Soggy here, too. The sky actually had patches of blue yesterday, and I almost didn't remember what caused that...
Haven't seen Deadwood - will have to go look it up.
And I agree, Whip Up will keep you busy for hours and hours (and hours) looking at all sorts of wonderful sites.

Cathy R said...

I really LOVE that sweater!!

Man. Maybe I should make one...

Can't wait to see the finished object.

kat said...

that sage remedy top is a winner. so are your flower photos. gorgeous. i think heather ross's blog is fantastic.

Mia said...

I love how the sweater is turning out. You are inspiring me think about casting it on too. Love the flower shots.

craftivore said...

Lavender Remedy, gorgeous. I hid in Deadwood for a spell last year it was great. Too bad HBO didn't continue it.