Friday, June 12, 2009

consumer affairs

You'll never hear "retail therapy" or "relax & go shopping" from me. There're exceptions, but generally, aaagh, just poke out my eyes with lace Addis, OK? Yet I am here to testify on two happy purchases.
Exhibit a: internet purchase. Yarn for the Sage Remedy Top. I decided I needed a cotton blend, and it must be pale greyish purple. Do you think I was influenced by what was blooming?
umm, yeah, could be. And the yarn budget? Very very low. I like my LYS, all of 'em, but they had not what I wanted. Rescue me, Knitting Garden! I did you all a favor, linked right to a closeout page, that's where I found my perfect yarn for this project.
Marked down to fit in the rice-n-beans budget. The Sage Remedy is 19 stockinette rows underway. I'm leaving off the ribbing on the bottom and letting it roll, which'll nicely mimic the neck.
exhbit b: trying to rent the movie Woodstock a couple of years ago we found it was never released on DVD and every video store and library around had it stolen.So much for peace love & sharing, right?. We were debating plunking down our closely guarded bucks for the just released 40th anniversary dvd version when I happened to stop at the best video rental place around, conveniently named Best Video (and is it ever). I was at the counter ready to rent the cult film Billy Jack. I bet if you were old enough to see it then, like me in junior high, you can burst into the theme song now, oh, OK, I'll make it extra easy for you:
So I'm standing there when I notice a 2 tape VHS set of Woodstock on their counter. I asked if I can rent it , they reply " hey, you buy it for $2.". GROOVY. Peace , love and stockinette.


Cookie said...

Love the yarn and the flowers!

You sound more like a buyer than a shopper to me, sweetie. Not a bad thing at all, btw.


Jodi said...

Just gorgeous! What a lovely shade of lavender. I'm swatching for that exact sweater, and I want to skip the ribbing too. I was thinking of doing 4 rows of garter at the bottom, or maybe even stealing the bottom detail from the Buttercup sweater (on ravelry).

Turtle said...

lol, what a good find! Love that colorway by the way!! Lol, i am my mom's woodstock souvenier( spelling??), seriously! but yes, i know that song, smile.

kat said...

pretty pretty yarn. it's good therapy.
ha! i was gonna say, rent the video, but now you own it.
and, i remember going to see billy jack with my dad. great movie. at least, it was for (9 year old) me.

Bullwinkle said...

Wow ... that was a diversion down memory lane. (I only vaguely remembered the movie. I had to google it. I think I first saw it years later on t.v.)

Love the lavender - both the flowers and the yarn ;)

Sunflowerfairy said...

One Tin just made my night, Gale.


You're my hero.

Cathy R said...

That is going to be a beautiful sweater.

Good call on leaving the ribbing off the bottom...

Can't wait to see the finished object!

Archiknist said...

We sang that in music class (a decade late, from the looks of it), and I had no idea where it was from.

Betsy said...

My favorite color (lavender), my favorite flowering bush (lavender - which I can't grow in the southwest), one of my absolute favorite yarns (samoa) and a CLASSIC from my junior high years. Saw Billy Jack with 3 girlfriends; I remember standing in front of the theater waiting for one of our mothers to pick us up afterward, and when she arrived we were all crying our eyes out! Thank you for sweet memories!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that is such a perfect lavender!

Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah, the lavender yarn is beautiful.

Darn! I've been singing that Billy Jack song in my head for two days now! I used to play it at camp for morning sing. Ugh!

gayle said...

Love the lilacs, love the yarn. (But I'm a sucker for purple in any shade...)
My high-school boyfriend went to a *concert* he heard was going to happen. Turned out to be Woodstock. He took his best friend, rather than me. Probably just as well - I'd still be grounded...

twinsetellen said...

That yarn is so satisfying to look at.

Kay said...

Imagine: 8 overage Camp Fire Girls in the back of a station wagon, screeching their lungs out (to the accompaniment of one of them on the 12-string guitar)to THIS VERY SONG.


Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

When you think of how much we loved this particular song, it's a wonder we're not WAY weirder than we are. Just sayin'.

xoxoxoxooxxo Kay

Kay said...

There won't be any trumpets blow-ow-ing, come the judgment day!

(sorry! can't stop!)

Mia said...

I love the color. And the colors do match. It will be lovely when you are finished.