Wednesday, June 03, 2009

what isn't there a blog for?

Are these not positively pleasing purple socks? I'd love to take credit for them, but it goes to Cookie, that goddess of pink (and other) sockness. And, whew, I should say goddess of laceness, take a peek at what she's been throwing off the needles.

I started preparing a post proclaiming purple pair perfection. I thought it'd be all clever and alliterative, but after a search for more P words, I discovered , it's been done. And not just in one post, that is a link to blog devoted to a year's worth of P word posts.

I procrastinated in showing you this pair, which arrived on the, ahem, heels of the other ones she sent me last winter. It's chilly here in the mornings, so I'm still rocking the woolies for a few hours a day (I'm an early riser).
For some silly reason she thought the others weren't up to snuff so she sent these. heh! Good deal for me! Having all her warm colorful socks augmenting the paltry posse I've knit totally made my winter bearable.I have to admit I am especially fond of this pair. I try to save them for special days. The color, the fit, the feel, the craftpersonship.....

You'd need to ask her, but they look like broken rib stitch, toe up, and the yarn, I think she said, is Malbrigo sock.
That Cookie does a beautiful toe.

p.s. Socks in Portugese? Peugas !


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! You are lucky to have many pairs of socks knit by COOKIE herself! I took a toe-up class with her a few years ago. She's brilliant!

Purple is YOUR color!

Cookie said...

Please tell Ellen that I'm not that Cookie. I'm far too surly and cranky to be the fabulous sock designing and teaching Cookie A.

I love them! Thanks so much for the photos, Gale! Now I have something to talk about tomorrow instead of how much I hate people. *L*


Mary Lou said...

Lucky duck! What a good friend. I'm curious to hear how the malabrigo holds up, so run around alot, ok? Or should I say perambulate purposefully.

Rooie said...

Positively perfect socks!

But inquiring minds want to know...what are those gorgeous blue flowers?

Turtle said...

looks great!

kt said...

En espanol, calcetines!
(First C is hard, second soft,

Muy bonita.


Cookie's good.

(Word verification is "farade". That's when the floats and bands and glittering horseman go waay, waaaaay down the street and you can't see the parade any more.
Thought you should know.) ;>)

Carole Knits said...

Those are awesome!

margene said...

Cookies does nice everything! The socks are magnificent!

gayle said...

Purple socks have to be the best gift EVER!
You lucky pup. 8)

Cathy R said...

Those are utterly FANTASTIC socks. And so beautiful next to the fresh spring greenery growing on the (?) patio bricks.

Lovely lovely lovely.

Happy Feet.

the Lady said...

Pretty! I think us sock knitters should start a meme... list your sock measurements in the "about me" on our blog pages. Then maybe we'd get surprises more often (runs away to chuckle evilly and make greedy hand motions...)

Birdsong said...

Very beautiful, especially the toe photo! How fun to be wearing gifted socks... they are better than the ones we make ourselves, after all.

twinsetellen said...

The toe truly is art.

Gauss said...

Hi there, Alina here. The problem with switching to Jojo's for the Wednesday SnB is that they close at 8pm on weekdays... The drinks are lovely and the blueberry croissant is to die for, though.

Joy said...

A perfect purple pair? I perceive your penchant for alliteration. When you're done Sheep Shots, you could do something with S or SH.

I've had a blast with the letter P at 365pwords. Last summer it was my bad luck that Palin is a P word. She took up altogether too much blog space. Too much space, period.